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Inside Scoop: Steakville

Seasoned chef and restaurateur Shaun Gian reveals the story behind his new venture Steakville

20180605_200513-011. Hi Shaun! Congratulations on the opening. Please tell us more about the story behind setting up Steakville.
I have always wanted to share more about quality steaks with my customers, as I realised that many actually are not informed as to where the beef is from, and what the cows feed on. Steakville’s farm-to-table concept invites customers to learn more about the beef they are enjoying.

 2. Who/What are your cooking inspirations?
I am inspired mainly by my travels, and I try to incorporate those dining experiences into my menu. The Brown Buttered Chicken is inspired by my visit to Italy, where I had the best butter chicken in a restaurant in Florence.


3. Tell us more about the steaks at your new spot. Do you source your beef from a particular place(s) and what makes your steaks stand out?
Depending on season, we get our steak from different countries — this allow our customers to try different steaks.

4. What would you like customers to feel when they dine at Steakville?
I would like them to feel assured about the quality of the beef that they are served.


Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

5. What do you anticipate would be crowd favourites at Steakville?
The Signature Hanger Steak, for sure.

6. If you had to pick one dish on the menu that best encapsulates the essence of Steakville, which would it be?
Signature Hanger Steak. The idea of Steakville is to allow me to bring something different to my customers. The hanger steak (also known as butcher’s steak) is not a well known cut but it has great flavour. In my opinion, the hanger is the best part of the plate, and it is also currently trending in Europe.

Steakville Interior 2

7. You were only 22 when you entered the F&B industry. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned as a young entrepreneur?
Take both successes and failures as lessons. Keep improvising along the way.

8. Any advice to aspiring foodie entrepreneurs?
Never give up and do not be afraid of hard work. There will be many onlookers who will wish to see you fall. It is easy to get swayed by other people's opinions and the obstacles faced, but do persevere on.

9. What’s next for you?
Becoming a One Stop F&B Solution company. We are looking at expanding our business circle to include equipment supplies and consultation services to F&B companies.

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