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Let's Talk Natural Wine

What is natural wine and why you should be drinking it – tonight.


You may have seen it on a wine list or heard rumblings about its funkiness. Natural wine is simply the fermented juice of hand-picked grapes with nothing added (like sulphites and artificial yeasts) or taken away (like filtering). It sometimes sports a cloudy look, pretty sunset-like hues, and a gentle fizz. It can smell a little (or a lot) funky, taste intensely fruity and juicy, and we love that it goes superbly with food.

But far from the “new” drink we think it to be, making natural wine is actually an ancient practice — from a time before machines were used and chemicals added to stabilise commercial wines. The producers of natural wines are also typically small-scale and independent, so it doesn’t hurt to know we’re supporting these guys!

What you can expect from your first sip — freedom, and surprise. Natural wine is dangerously easy to drink, addictive, and also unpredictable. It has a ‘realness’ that makes us feel like we’re free to drink whatever the hell we like, whether we know much about it or not. It may not be the drink of choice for everyone, but it’s certainly worth a try. There isn’t an official standard for what counts as natural wine just yet, but for now, we’ll settle for ‘wah, yummy’.   

Where to go:

Chocha Foodstore
For something refreshing to pair with the Biang Biang noodles.

La Cave
For a natural wine and cheese party.

Alta Cafe
For daytime wine-downs with awesome eggs!

For natural wines and Caribbean-style BBQ.