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Luxurious Dishes We Dream About

Don’t wait for a special occasion to celebrate. Treat yourself to these 9 decadent dishes — because you’re worth it!

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What makes a dish luxurious? Perhaps it features irresistible ingredients like uni, black truffle or caviar flown fresh from a faraway land. Maybe it is made with an ingenious technique or it boasts a super creative flavour combination dreamed up by a world-class chef. Whatever it is, if we can’t get the thought of that bite out of our heads — we're calling it luxe. To help you decide which dishes are worth the splurge (and the extra calories), here are 9 luxe dishes that will leave you drooling for more.

Burnt Ends
For Beef Marmalade and Pickles


Photo by Burppler Jason Wong

While this Michelin-starred hotspot is best known for their expertly-grilled meats, what we dream about is the perfect harmony of flavours delivered by the Beef Marmalade and Pickles ($14). Burppler Jason Wong describes the experience ever so aptly: “...the sweet and savoury morass of beef marmalade will awaken your appetite with an explosion of ludicrously sublime flavours, its richness balanced by the sharp tang of the pickles”. What he said. Pro-tip: When we say this spot is hot, we mean it. Remember to book in advance!

Caffe Fernet
For a Decadent Cacio e Pepe


Photo by Burppler Muriel AvdH

Simple, but so, so good. We consider this unassuming dish one of pure luxury thanks to the use of Mafaldine, a not-so-commonly used ribbon-shaped pasta that has curves in all the right places. These curvy babies trap the creamy mix of pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) and four (black, pink, white and green) types of peppercorn in all the right places. It also helps that you can slowly wolf this sinful bowl of carbs+cheese down while enjoying a gorgeous view of the waterfront. Miss you already, Cacio e Pepe ($25).

Uni Gallery by OosterBay
For Uni and Caviar on Foie Gras


Photo by Burppler Justin Teo

Uni fans — listen up! This restaurant not only focuses on all things uni, but also offers a killer #BurppleBeyond deal: 1-for-1 Uni Sashimi or Sturgeon Caviar (save ~$40). Alternatively, the Uni and Caviar on Foie Gras ($38) is a wonderous trio creamy gold-covered bafun uni sandwiched between an exquisite heap of caviar and a slab of crisp yet melt-in-your-mouth foie gras. 

For Mindboggling Buah Keluak Foie Gras


Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Perched atop MBS is this beautiful restaurant with more than one luxurious dish. But if we had to pick one to drool over, it’d be the Mangrove Truffle Black Nut. As Spago’s biggest fan (she ate there 26 times in 2018), Veronica Phua describes it as “...a cool, light and smooth texture not unlike a luxuriant cream, this has the earthiness of the Indonesian "buah keluak" nut cleverly combined with the decadence of foie gras for a taste that has bowled over everyone I know who’s had it. Most like it spread on toasted slices of housemade brioche, while others prefer to go carb-less. I am very happy either way”. All we can say is: listen to Veronica Phua. Note that this is only available at the end of August and the start of September. Call to check if you plan to dine there in those months!

Le Bon Funk
For Intriguing Foie Gras and Cedar Jelly Toast


Photo by Burppler Edith Loo

Unique, complex, yet familiar at the same time, this luxurious bite is Chef Keirin Buck’s take on kaya toast. In place of butter, foie gras is frozen then shaved onto toast slathered in cedar jelly. Eat this quickly and you will find the sensation of the foie gras literally melting in your mouth one to remember. If you have yet to visit this snazzy natural wine bar on Club Street, let this be a good reason to. “I’m not even a fan of foie gras, but this was really good. The flavours just came so well together on the soft toast, and the cedar jelly added a new dimension...” — Burppler Edith Loo.

Akira Back
For Super Fancy “Pizza”


Photo by Burppler Kel Song

While it may not look like much, the AB Tuna Pizza ($26 for 8 slices) and the AB Mushroom Pizza ($20 for 8 slices) are community favourites at this restaurant in JW Marriott South Beach. One bite is not enough when it comes to this umami bomb — ponzu mayo and truffle oil complement the thinly-sliced raw tuna and king oyster mushroom that sit atop a super-thin, biscuit-like base.

For Buah Keluak Fried Rice


Photo by Burppler Victoria Hii

An ingredient that takes hours to prepare well, buah keluak is not something that comes by often or easily. For the buah keluak-deprived, Folklore’s Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice ($28) is a truly luxurious cure. This spicy, fragrant masterpiece sees rice fried with buah keluak, shallots, candlenuts, chillies, belachan and minced pork, and is served with a sunny side up and a dollop of buah keluak paste for good measure. If you love the earthy black nut, don’t share this.

For Silky Smooth Sea Urchin Pudding


Photo by Burppler Ngooi Singyu

Although it’s been talked about for years, we can’t help but include this dish on this list. The Sea Urchin Pudding ($46) is still one of the most luxurious dishes out there, where creamy bafun uni sits gently atop a squid ink custard. Just one spoonful and you’ll understand. This is a rich dish that is best shared between two. Before swinging by, call to make a reservation!

For the Most Luxurious French Toast


Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

Before Zen appeared, one could only taste this crazy “French Toast (Grand Tradition 2008)” at three Michelin-starred Frantzen in Stockholm. Well, now you can with this $450/pax tasting menu — it’s a huge splurge but it’s still cheaper than a ticket to Sweden ;). A thick slice of sourdough is dipped in egg and truffle cream, fried to crisp perfection, then topped with Parmesan custard and 100-year-old balsamic vinegar. That’s not all. An avalanche of freshly-shaved black truffle then comes raining down. “According to Chef Tristin, the best way to eat the “French Toast” is to hold it like we would a piece of sushi, index finger pressed on the pile of truffle, and finish it in a couple of bites. This was to be chased with sips of the mushroom and black truffle consommé served alongside. I dutifully obeyed and made sure to swallow every delicious crumb and drop.” — Burppler Veronica Phua.