Majestic City Light Views: Top Rooftop Restaurants in Metro Manila

Indulge in the thrill of savoring a delectable dinner amidst stunning vistas, whether you're in the company of friends, loved ones, or simply seeking some solitary bliss.

Discover the ultimate guide to your next dining adventure, where Manila's captivating city lights will mesmerize and enchant you.

Firefly Roofdeck Restaurant

Photo by Firefly Roofdeck Restaurant

Discover a fresh perspective on Makati City, beyond its bustling streets and corporate hustle. Elevate your experience by visiting the Firefly Roof deck Restaurant, a hidden gem nestled on the 32nd floor of the City Garden Hotel. Boasting an unparalleled view of the dazzling Makati skylight, this enchanting spot offers a delectable array of international cuisine and an impressive selection of cocktails. Don't miss out on their tantalizing must-try dishes like the flavorful Paella Valenciana, crispy Chicken Fingers, and scrumptious Nachos and Margarita. Whether it's a romantic date or a night out with friends, this venue promises an unforgettable evening, surrounded by the captivating city lights.

The Penthouse 8747

Photo by The Penthouse 8747

Discover the allure of Penthouse 8747, an exquisite rooftop lounge nestled in the heart of Makati CBD. Step back in time to the glamorous 1930s with a Gatsby-inspired ambiance, offering the perfect setting for opulent soirées. The restaurant's black and gold-themed interior exudes luxury, while the al fresco dining area treats guests to breathtaking views of the Makati skyline. Don't miss the chance to indulge in their renowned Sparkling Wine Cocktail, the "Jealous Lover," a delightful mix of rose wine, jelly, and sparkling wine. Embrace the occasion by dressing to impress and embark on an unforgettable experience at this enchanting Great Gatsby-themed bar.

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant

Photo by Encima Roofdeck Restaurant

Include Encima Roofdeck Restaurant on your must-visit list for your next dining experience. Situated in the heart of Makati, this beloved roof deck restaurant specializes in delectable Tex-Mex cuisine. Indulge in their crowd-favorite dishes like the mouthwatering Jalapenos Croquettes and satisfying Steak Burrito. And don't forget to treat yourself to the delightful Chili Chocodila – a soft quesadilla filled with heavenly spiced Nutella. Whether you're planning a weekend night out with friends or a special occasion, Encima offers the perfect setting with its great food, premium drinks, and inviting atmosphere.

 Straight Up

Photo by Straight Up

Discover the ultimate hang-out spot nestled within Seda at BGC - an enchanting rooftop cocktail bar and lounge that you simply can't afford to miss. With both alfresco dining and cozy indoor seating, including three exclusive private rooms, this place promises a touch of luxury. Indulge in the breathtaking rooftop views while savoring a delectable selection of local and international cuisines. The menu boasts irresistible delights like hickory-smoked baby back ribs, crispy tadyang, and the exquisite Gramigna pasta with truffles and mushrooms. Don't miss the chance to unwind with friends, sipping on handcrafted cocktails, and basking in the dazzling city lights of BGC - the perfect recipe for a memorable and delightful evening.

Sky High Bar

Photo by Sky High Bar

Discover Sky High Bar, a unique venue that effortlessly combines romance and party vibes, making it the perfect destination for a memorable night out. Perched atop Ace Hotel & Suites, this hidden gem offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Metro, providing a stunning backdrop for any occasion. With two levels to choose from, guests can indulge in an intimate and romantic dinner setting or let loose with friends for an energetic party experience. The evenings come alive with live music from talented bands, creating a lively atmosphere as you savor your favorite cocktails or share a pitcher of beer with your barkada. While relishing the delectable food and beverages, you'll be treated to panoramic views of Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, and Fort Bonifacio, adding an extra touch of magic to your time at Sky High Bar.