Romantic Restaurants For Date Night At The Capitol Kempinski

The Capitol Kempinski boasts a collection of exquisite restaurants that aims to cater to the most discerning palates whilst setting the stage for an evening of intimate connection!

Broadway American Diner: 1-for-1 Main Dish (~save $22) 
Deal Valid till 31 Mar 2024

For Classic American Dishes 
Broadway American Diner has an inviting ambience which makes it the ideal location for a memorable date night. If your partner is into hearty American classics, this will surely satisfy their taste buds too! Opt for the Buttermilk Chicken & Cheese Burger ($23) which features tender and juicy buttermilk chicken, along with a generous layer of melted American cheese which complements the meat to a T. The addition of cabbage slaw also lends a delightful crunch, and the honey mustard dressing adds a tangy twist to the burger as a whole.

Frieda Beer Garden & German Restaurant: 1-for-1 Lava Stone Selection (~save 22)
Deal valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Delightful German Offerings
The Frieda Beer Garden & German Restaurant is bound to transport you to the heart of Germany's rich gastronomic tradition. Among their many delightful offerings, the Käserkracher ($25), also known as the Emmentaler Cheese Pork Sausages, stands out for its culinary craftsmanship. Sink your teeth into the Käserkracher, a masterpiece which fuses the rich and nutty flavours of Emmentaler cheese with premium pork sausage that's juicy and tender. The restaurant's delicious food and cozy setting will surely set the stage for an evening that'll leave a lasting impression on both you and your date.

La Scala Ristorante: 1-for-1 Pizza or Pasta (~save 34)
Deal valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Authentic Italian Cuisine 
La Scala Ristorante stands as a culinary haven that effortlessly marries elegance and flavour, making it the perfect location for an enchanting date night. If pasta if what you're after, we definitely recommend the Spaghetti Costiera ($32) which consists of succulent prawns that are further intensified by their Seafood Reduction, a concoction that distills the essence of various underwater treasures into a velvety, flavourful elixir. This reduction not only seeks to complement the prawns but also adds depth to the entire dish, creating an immersive experience that'll transport diners to the tranquil shores of Italy.