Savour Fresh Sushi At These Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Whether it's handcrafted Uramaki California and Spicy Tuna rolls, or the classic Tamago Nigiri sushi and Salmon Sashimi, these irresistible Japanese dishes are bound to make your tummy rumble!

In this specially curated list, we've compiled the best Japanese restaurants to patronise when you simply have to satisfy your sushi and sashimi cravings.

The Sushi Bar

For Premium Sushi and Sashimi
This popular no-frills Japanese spot certainly needs no introduction. The crowd at the bar speaks for itself! Bring a sashimi or sushi-loving friend here for a delicious meal and be sure to order the Salmon Belly sushi ($3.50), Aburi Salmon Belly sushi ($3.90) and Aka Ebi sushi ($6.90) while you're there.

For something more substantial, go with the ever popular and generously portioned Anago sushi ($9.90) featuring Seawater eel, or the Premium Sushi Moriwase (5pcs for $36.90).

Shin Minori

For Free-flow Sushi and Sashimi
Save this sumptuous Japanese Omizu Ala-carte buffet deal (Adult at $60.90++ per pax, Child at $48.90++ per pax) at UE Square for special occasions! The buffet features a diverse menu that is sure to satisfy.

Start by hitting up the counter for fresh and thick slices of Aburi Sushi (Blowtorched Nigiri Sushi) such as the Aburi Shake Mentai Sushi and Aburi Maguro Zuke Sushi. Then move onto their Temaki Hand Rolls including their California TeMaki, Shake Wasabi Mayo TeMaki, and of course, the Rainbow Maki Roll which features Shrimp Tempura topped with four varieties of raw fish. Their addictively fresh inari and nigiri sushis are must-tries too!

En Sushi

For An Extensive Sushi Menu
Taking on a trendy approach to contemporary Japanese dining, guests at En Sushi can expect an extensive menu of everything from Sushi and Sashimi to Donburi and Yaki (Grill). 

If you can't decide, why not opt for their fresh catch of fish and seafood? You truly can't go wrong with their signatures including the California Uramaki ($12.80), the Soft-shell Crab Salmon Aburi Uramaki ($25.90), and of course, the immensely indulgent Aburi Chirashi Don ($38.80).

Sushi Jiro

For Omakase and Japanese Fine Dining
Renowned for exquisite Sushi and Omakase courses, Sushi Jiro's culinary team is guaranteed to serve top quality Japanese seafood to all diners. If you're on the hunt for an all-sushi platter, look no further because their Sushi Course ($80) is bound to satisfy. You'll get a starter, a Chawanmushi, an 8-piece sushi platter, an Uni and Ikura Rice Bowl, a Negitoro Roll, Miso Soup, and Dessert. Or take it up a notch with their Sushi and Sashimi Course ($100) which features additional sashimi along with a 6-piece sushi platter.

Sushi Airways

For An Airplane-themed Sushi Experience 
Serving Japanese culinary delights in a retro-esque aircraft setting, dining at Sushi Airways will definitely make for an interesting experience! Located in the Haji Lane and Arab Street quarter, guests can enjoy wonderfully crafted menu offerings such as the Akami sushi ($14), lean Japanese bluefin tuna or the Aburi Hotate with Mentai Sauce ($15). If you're eating with a few friends, their assorted Sushi Platter ($38) should do the trick!

Douraku Sushi

For Premium Cuts with Modern Japanese Cooking Techniques
If you're in the Arena Country Club area along Upper Jurong Road, stop by Douraku Sushi for a meal! Their Black Dragon Unagi ($22) which is topped with grilled sea eel and Japanese mayonnaise is to die for. Other mainstays include the Douraku Roast Duck sushi ($20) featuring a Beijing-style roast duck with the chef's special homemade duck sauce rolled in egg crepe and topped with ikura. If that's not enough to sate you, you might want to try the Salmon Toro Aburi ($20), Snow Crab California ($18) and Spider Crab ($18) as well.

Unkai Sushi

For Fresh Seasonal Sushi 
Unkai Sushi invites you to an intimate epicurean experience steeped in the tradition of fine Japanese cuisine. Indulge in a multi-course menu that celebrates seasonal ingredients at the peak of their flavours—we're talking sushi dishes such as Shima Aji (2pcs for $12), Kanpachi (2pcs for $12) and Hirame (2pcs for $14).

Dining in a larger group? Go for the Kaisen Sushi Set ($48) that features a wide range of sushi including Tuna, Tai, Salmon, Mekajiki, Hotate, Kanpachi, Chu Toro, Ikura, Ama Ebi, Anago, and more!