The Best Raw Marinated Crab In Singapore

Raw marinated crabs? Yes please!

Embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other as we unveil the gastronomic delight that is Korean cuisine's raw marinated crab! Here's where you can get your claws on this particular dish.

Photo by Burppler jq | myfoodframes

For Luscious Crab RoeĀ 
Bucketta is better known for their tantalising raw marinated crab offerings! Priced at $49, their rendition of this delectable dish which comes with a generous serving of luscious crab roe, is sure to leave you wanting more. TheĀ combination of the succulent crab meat and the rich roe intertwine to create a symphony of flavours that will linger on your taste buds even after you're done. Be sure to savour every last morsel!

GogiJip Korean BBQ Restaurant

For A Spicier RenditionĀ 
If you're eager to savour the exceptional flavours of raw marinated crab in Singapore, you should most definitely give Gogijip Korean BBQ Restaurant a shot. They're renowned for not just their remarkable raw marinated crab but also their Korean BBQ and grilled delights which has gained them an ardent following. If you have a penchant for spice, we highly recommend their Spicy Ganjang-Genjang ($50) which boasts a well-balanced blend of tangy chilli and aromatic spicesā€”a much-needed fiery kick if you ask us. The best part? The fact that the succulent crab meat absorbs the robust marinade thoroughly.

Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant

For The Freshest Crab OfferingĀ 
Nestled in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant has established itself as a culinary hotspot for Korean cuisine in particular.Ā Among their wide array of tantalising dishes, one standout offering that has garnered much attention is their raw marinated crab, also known as Ganjang-Genjang ($45). Their tender crab meat complements the delectable marinade flawlessly, and offers a delightful burst of freshness with every mouthful. This is why this dish is an absolute must-try when dining there!


For A Soy Marinated CrabĀ 
Indulge in a culinary delight like no other with Daejim's Soy Marinated Crab ($62)! Their tender and juicy crab meat is meticulously marinated in a delicate blend of soy sauce, aromatic spices, and other secret ingredients, all of which result in a symphony of flavours with every succulent bite. The soy marinade itself enhances the natural sweetness of the juicy crab meat, creating a harmonious balance of savoury and delicate notes. This is truly a testament to their mastery in creating unforgettable Korean delicacies.

Busan Korean Sashimi Restaurant

For An Umami-Rich Experience
Busan Korean Sashimi Restaurant brings the vibrant flavours of Busan's seafood-rich cuisine to patrons in Singapore, and their exquisite Soy Marinated Crab ($60) is exemplary of that. Immerse yourself in their robust soy-based marinade that's been skilfully infused with aromatic spices which comes with hints of sweetness; this expert marination process seeks to accentuate the already succulent crab meat even further. Talk about an Umami-rich experience!