The Most Claw-some Restaurants In Singapore

Have a crackin’ good time with these delicious crab restaurants in Singapore!

The chilli crab is perhaps one of Singapore’s most celebrated local dishes, and with good reason—laden with a tomato-based sauce that’s sweet, savoury, and spicy all at once, what’s not to love?

But hey, we’re aware that this combination may not be for everyone so here are some restaurants that offer stellar crab dishes doused in various sauces!

Holy Crab

For An Otak-Inspired Crab Dish
Holy Crab was born out of Chef Elton’s passion for both eating and cooking; crabs in particular. What sets them apart from other crab restaurants is their bold, distinct, and incredibly ‘wok hei’ flavours. They started out as a quaint little 25-seater shophouse at Tan Quee Lan Street but have since moved to the charming Capitol Arcade which houses more seating options with a beautiful bar to boot.

We’d definitely recommend the oOoOtak ($108/kg) that’s doused in a traditional Otak-inspired coconut curry, sambal, coconut milk, and eggs. You can also get this shell-less ($90) if you just want 500g of crab meat.

Dancing Crab

For Brilliant Black Pepper Crabs
Have a crab-tastic feast with your family at Dancing Crab! They serve a mix of robust, American style seafood crossed with Singapore’s rich seafood cuisine. With that in mind, the restaurant offers a range of different seafood options, from the Boston lobster to the Dungeness crab. If you’re looking for a little fiery kick, order the Black Pepper Crab ($128) which consists of two live Sri Lankan crabs (each approx. 700g) served with steamed corn.

Daejim BBQ

For Soy-Marinated Raw Crabs
Daejim is the place to be if you’re looking for a Korean BBQ joint that offers fresh seafood options! Aside from the usual meat offerings, they’ve also got abalone and oysters delicacies, as well as the ever-popular Soy-Marinated Raw Crab ($40) on their menu. Pair this with their Honeycomb Makgeolli ($38 for 2 pax) and you’ll be in for a great meal through and through.

Khao Hom By Rung Mama
Photo by: Burppler Jason Wong

For A Chunky Crab Meat Omelette Roll
Located in Katong Square, Khao Hom By Rung Mama serves authentic Thai food with recipes originating straight from Rung Mama’s kitchen. Expect an array of Thai salads, curries, and soups, as well as a variety of spice-laden dishes! One menu highlight that definitely needs a shout out is none other than their Chunky Crab Meat Omelette Roll ($30)—this incredibly fluffy omelette is packed to the brim with fresh crab meat, and is seasoned to perfection so don’t miss out on it if you’re ever dining there.

Mellben Seafood
Photo by: Burppler TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

For The Classic Chilli Crab
The family-run Mellben Seafood probably needs no introduction by now; they’ve already long established themselves as one of the go-to seafood restaurants in Singapore. Their succulent Chilli Crab (prices vary depending on the weight!) is hailed as one of the best, courtesy of the thick, spice-laden, and mildly sweet sauce base that comes with it. What’s more, you can adjust the spice level of the sauce according to your personal preference. Be sure to dunk your ‘man tous’ in the sweet-savoury sauce for maximum enjoyment!