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The Most Irresistible SNACK on Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond members, we know you’re all crazy about food, and we’re taking it to a whole new level by topping off your food adventures with some SNACK protection!

In this latest article, we'll show you how we’re working with SNACK by Income to let you accumulate insurance coverage whenever you redeem 1-for-1 deals on Burpple Beyond. Hungry yet?

Accumulate insurance coverage with your lifestyle activities, just with your spare change. For example, every time you order a 1-for-1 takeaway and redeem a deal on Burpple Beyond, you can choose to pay $0.30 for $150 worth of your preferred insurance coverage!

*Rates are illustrative and will vary based on your profile.

As you go about your day, weeks and months, you'll be building up sizeable protection for yourself!

Ok I’m tempted! How does it work?

Step 1: Download SNACK and set up your account

Simply download the SNACK app and start setting up your account! Choose the Food & Drinks trigger and link it to your preferred insurance product – Personal Accident, Term Life or Critical Illness plan.

Step 2: Pick a premium

Select a premium option of $0.30/ $0.50/ $0.70 and you’ll see your corresponding coverage for that product.

Step 3:  Watch your coverage grow as you live life with SNACK! 

Okay here’s the fun part – once you’re all linked up, every time you redeem a deal on Burpple Beyond, you’ll be building up insurance coverage for yourself!

“It’s that easy?”


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