The Most Satisfying Sandos In Singapore

What are ‘sandos’ you might ask? Think incredibly thick sandwiches stuffed to the brim with a smorgasbord of condiments!

Derived from the Japanese word for sandwich (san-do-it-chi), ‘sandos’ are typically made out of two slabs of bread loaded with a generous amount of ingredients—be it meat, cheese, vegetables, or sauces. While these may be the usual fillings, many local cafes have taken it upon themselves to add a unique twist to their very own sando renditions; just have a look at all the absolutely satisfying sandwich combinations below.

46 Mittsu

For House-Smoked Beef Brisket Sandos
Like your sandos as thick as possible? Well, 46 mittsu certainly delivers. This sandwich joint may have recently opened but they’ve already generated some buzz online. In fact, their sandwiches sell out really fast so you’ve got to be quick if you want to snag one of them!

They’ve currently got two different types of sandwiches available: the breakfast-inspired ‘All Day Brekkie’ or the meaty good ‘Hot Messes.’ We’d highly recommend the Beef Sando ($14) that’s essentially toasted brioche halves that are filled with their delicious house-smoked beef brisket, roasted ratatouille, pickles, and melted cheddar cheese.


For Absolutely Stacked Sandos
The Black Hole Group brings you the very aptly named Stack, a curator of loaded sandwiches, soft serve ice cream on waffles, and specialty coffee. If you’re in the Waterloo Street area and you’re passing by the Stamford Arts Centre, be sure to pop by for one of their artisanal sandos! Their popular picks include the tuna-laden Chicken of the Sea ($11), the egg-cellent Spam and Egg and Egg ($12), the beef-filled Loaded Gun ($13), and the Pollo Avo Club ($13) that’s packed with smoked chicken.

Hello Arigato

For Japanese Milk Bread Sandos
Hello Arigato, Konnichiwa gorgeous sandos! We’d welcome the Japanese milk bread sandwiches at this joint with open arms any day. Just look at how glorious the Tamago Sando ($14) is; filled with Japanese egg mayo, tamagoyaki, and an ajitama egg, this delectable sandwich is one you’ll be back again for.

If you’d like to try its meatier counterparts, opt for the Gyu Sando ($26) that features a caramelised Angus beef striploin (medium rare, of course) and sweet onion jam, or the Teriyaki Sando ($15) which comes with a fried and glazed chicken thigh drenched in homemade teriyaki sauce, and filled with lettuce.

Well Collective

For Plant-based Sandos
Featuring a modern Japanese-inspired casual dining concept, the Well Collective curates a medley of house-made deli, bakes, and brunch items during the day. Come night time, the establishment turns into a contemporary Izakaya joint.

If you’re after some veggie sandos, you’d be pleased to know that their No-Chicken Katsu Sando ($19) comes with a 100% plant-based ‘chicken’ katsu, along with condiments such as pickled daikon, fried kale, yuzu kosho mayo, all wrapped within two halves of a toasted sourdough. For a meatier option, go for the Japanese Chicken Curry Sando ($19) that’s packed with curry-marinated boneless chicken leg, honey mango, lettuce, and mayo.

Gyu San

For Premium Japanese Wagyu Sandos
New Japanese butchery & sando shop Gyu San holds the largest range of over 55 premium Japanese wagyu cuts procured directly from different prefectures of Japan. Prime selections include the striploin, tenderloin and ribeye, alongside secondary cuts such as the flank, oyster blade and tri-tip.

So what goes into their juicy melt-in-your-mouth sandos exactly? Think a prime steak cut of marbled A5 wagyu crusted in panko crumbs before being deep-fried and lightly spread with a delectable wasabi aioli, and sandwiched between two slices of lightly toasted crustless shokupan. Choose from options like the Gyu San House Cut ($32), the Striploin ($32) or the Chateaubriand ($62) for your beef!

And, don’t forget to indulge in their Wagyu Chips ($8); these thin crisp chips which are made from the Wagyu fat from their very own butchery are super addictive.


For Specialty Coffee & Gourmet Sandos
Located at Dorsett Residences, PIPES by HATTENDO features a range of gourmet Japanese sandos and specialty coffee, along with their signature Hattendo cream buns. They also serve as a showroom for ‘NOVO MARK II,’ the first fully automated coffee roaster in Singapore!

So while you grab a freshly roasted cuppa brewed from their finest coffee beans, why not try one of their sandos as well? The Nitamago Potato Salad Lemongrass Chicken ($14) which is loaded with a Thai marinated grilled chicken thigh, ajitsuke nitamago, homemade potato salad, and truffle oil, is highly raved about.