Top Cafes To Visit In Joo Chiat

Love cafe hopping? Check out these popular cafes along Joo Chiat Road!

Singapore's cafe culture is on the rise, and the Joo Chiat neighbourhood stands as a testament to this trend. Join us in discovering the thriving cafe scene in this area! Here are some places worth visiting when you're in the vicinity.

Cafe Natsu

For Japanese Cuisine With A Local Twist 
What sets Cafe Natsu apart from the others, is its innovative take on Japanese cuisine—one that comes with a distinct local twist. Here, traditional Japanese flavours meet creative culinary ingenuity. Their menu boasts a wide array of unique and intriguing offerings that will leave you spoilt for choice. These include their signature Wagyu Sandos ($26) and the tantalising Togarashi Fries ($8) which comes with a fiery kick! Don't even get us started on their Mochi Doughnuts ($12), a delightful fusion of Japanese Mochi and sweet, fluffy doughnuts.


For Diverse Food Offerings 
Japanese-style café ToMo fuses a vibrant coffee culture with diverse food offerings, featuring a rich tapestry of global flavours. This charming cafe takes pride in serving hearty dishes including brunch items such as ToMo’s Breakfast ($18) and their Avocado Burrata Toast ($18), along with mains like the Grilled Tiger Prawn Capellini ($22). They're also more than happy to cater to vegetarians upon request!

And, of course, you have got to pair their savouries with their specially crafted beverages. We'd definitely recommend the Iced Cloud Coffee ($6), Iced Honeycomb Latte ($7), and Rose Lemonade Fresca ($7).

Common Man Coffee Roasters
For Quality Brunch Dishes 
With six locations spread across Singapore, Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) certainly needs no introduction by now. They're better known for their exceptional, ethically sourced specialty coffee, as well as their quality brunch dishes. One of their crowd favourites is, without a doubt, the Organic Eggs Benedict ($24) which features perfectly poached organic eggs on toasted English muffins; this is elegantly draped in hollandaise sauce and premium ham or smoked salmon.

If you've got a sweet tooth, the Fluffy Brioche French Toast ($18) is a must-try! Expect thick slices of brioche bread adorned with fresh fruits and maple syrup. And, if your appetite demands something heftier, go for the Turkish Common Man Breakfast ($25) which consists of Mediterranean-inspired ingredients such as Labneh, olives, and warm bread.

Hello Arigato
For Japanese Sandos
Amid the recent surge in the popularity of Japanese Sandos, Hello Arigato has emerged as one of the most popular cafes for it. There's no contesting the fact that their Gyu Sando ($26) is easily the star of the show so be sure to try that if you do head down! Pair this with their Hello Twister Fries ($13) to add a playful twist to your meal. And, if you're looking for something more noodle-centric, get either the Kinoko Udon ($18) or the Sakura Ebi Udon ($22). With an inviting ambience and a menu that continually surprises and delights, Hello Arigato has undoubtedly earned its place as a standout destination for cafe hoppers in Singapore.

Kohi Roastery & Coffee Bar

For A Quick Coffee Run
This charming hidden gem of a cafe is cleverly designed as a hole-in-the-wall concept—perfect for those who are always on the move. Who says great coffee requires a fancy cafe setting? This is where coffee enthusiasts can truly find solace in the simple joy of a well-brewed cup. While this cafe doesn't offer full-fledged meals, it has certainly carved a niche for itself among avid coffee drinkers. The quality of their coffee beans is evident in every sip, making it a go-to spot for those seeking a quick caffeine fix! 

If you're more of a tea lover, fret not, because they've also got a fine selection of teas ranging from robust black teas to delicate tea infusions; there's always something for everyone.

Kings Cart Coffee Factory

For Singapore-Inspired Beverages 
Characterised by lush greenery and earthy elements, Kings Cart Coffee Factory makes for a warm and homely environment where customers can sit back, relax, and slowly savour their food and drinks. Among their menu's highlights are the Pandan Sweet Cream ($9), a delightful concoction with fragrant and sweet pandan notes, the "Sng Buey" ($9) which offers a refreshing twist on a traditional local dessert, and the Ah Bo Ling ($7.50) that consists of black sesame rice balls. These locally infused drinks are a testament to Kings Cart Coffee's commitment to creating a diverse and captivating menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of Singapore's culinary heritage.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar

For Tech-Optimised Coffee & Juice 

Introducing Waved: the world's first tech-optimised coffee and juice bar! To achieve a healthier and more flavourful profile, Waved utilises electromagnetic wave technology to enhance their juices, coffee, and even water, without the addition of extra calories. Popular picks for their flavoured juices include the Classic, Tropical Orange, and Sweet Green. Those looking for a caffeine fix, on the other hand, can delight in their Black ($4.50), White ($5.50), Mocha ($6.50), and Chocolate ($6.50)!

Wooly's Bagels

For A Bagel Haven
Wooly's Bagels is a haven for all bagel enthusiasts! Their menu boasts an array of delicious options that promise to delight your taste buds. From the classic Bagel & Lox ($14.90), featuring the perfect union of smoked salmon and cream cheese, to the savoury indulgence of the Pastramania ($14.50), Wooly's Bagels caters to a variety of palates. Those craving a hearty (and meatier) experience should definitely go for the Double Chicken Frizzle ($13.90) which comes with succulent chicken and a slew of delectable toppings. And, let's not forget the Chic Teriyaki ($12.80), a delightful creation that strikes a harmonious balance between sweet and savoury.