Top Sweet and Chocolatey Shops in Luzon!

There's no denying that chocolate is the ultimate comfort food. Whether you're feeling down or celebrating a special occasion, a bite of this delectable treat can instantly lift your mood and make you feel joyful.

In Manila, there's no shortage of chocolate shops offering unique and exquisite desserts beyond your typical chocolate bars.


Photo by Sugarbee

For the discerning sweet tooth, Sugarbee is a must-visit chocolate cake shop that offers some of the most decadent cakes in the area. Their Salted Caramel Chocolate cake, in particular, is a crowd-pleaser that features a silky, creamy chocolate cake topped with a delicious chocolate ganache that's been enhanced with a hint of salty flavor. Whether you prefer traditional red velvet or bite-sized cupcakes, Sugarbee has something for everyone.

Bruges Dessert Bar

Photo by Bruges Dessert Bar

f you're looking for a romantic and sophisticated ambiance to enjoy your chocolate treats, Bruges Dessert Bar is the perfect spot for you. This European-inspired lounge offers a well-balanced menu of pastries and desserts that are not overly sweet but still bursting with flavor. With its elegant interiors and claw machine that's perfect for kids, Bruges Dessert Bar is a sweet escape that's straight out of a movie scene.

Theo & Brom

Photo by Theo & BromĀ 

Honoring a beloved childhood favorite, Theo & Brom has created the tsokolate tablea, a dark chocolate tablet made with local dried cocoa beans and muscovado sugar. Filipinos take pride in their native delicacies, and the Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake is a fan favorite. This decadent ganache cake is made with the best-selling Tableya Filipina, and serves as the perfect dessert.


Photo by TsokolateriaĀ 

At Tsokolateria, chocolate is featured in a vast menu of items, including drinks and food. While it may seem unusual, the flavors complement each other perfectly. The chocolate is hinted at in each dish, completing the theme. For foodies looking to spice up their out-of-town dining experience, Tsokolateria offers a variety of dessert options and diversifies the menu. Even though chocolate dishes can be too sweet, Tsokolateria prepares and serves them flawlessly, making the meal a delightful experience.

Half Saints

Photo by Half Saints

Last but not least, Half Saints is a top contender for the best chocolate desserts in the city. With its name that exudes a heavenly vibe, Half Saints is a go-to for those who want to experience bittersweet pleasure with a dash of creaminess. Their Vanilla sponge roll filled with 77% dark chocolate and fresh strawberry compote is a standout dessert that's topped with dried cranberries, pistachio, almonds, dried rose petals, and herbs as garnish.