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Trends We Ate Up in 2018 and What to Get Excited About in 2019

From drip coffee bags to natural wines and sourdough breads, 2018 served up exciting food and drinks trends. What are some delicious ones that hit the mark last year, and what can we expect to taste next? Read on, Burpplers!

Trends We Ate Up Last Year

Drip Coffee Bags
Thanks to these nifty little bags, we got to drink good coffee anytime, anywhere. BEAM stocks their The Gentle Lady blend in shimmery gold bags, while Cream by The Roast Things packs a light roast immersion bag for casual coffee drinkers. We’ve stocked up on plenty ourselves — after all, they’re affordable, convenient and a neat pick-me-up when you’re feeling shifty at the office.

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Are You a Swag Collector?

Restaurant Swag
The restaurant and cafes you love, now stocked with swag to take home! Industry folks pushed branding to new limits with taco-printed t-shirts, tote bags outlined with bread and more. Wearing your favourite brand on your sleeve has never been easier.

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For the Loaf of Sourdough

After being introduced to the tangy, chewy goodness that is sourdough, we’ll never eat bread the same way again. It’s delicious AND good for you — no wonder you guys are so into those beautiful, dark brown loaves at Tommy Le Baker, the light, boxy ones at Li and the small yet big-on-flavour slices at Simplicite!

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Natural Wine
2018 also saw the community channeling their inner sommeliers, learning to choose their bottles with more care and a deeper appreciation of the drink. Enter natural wine — fermented, fruity and juicy, it showed us all new flavours wine was capable of. Natural wine also goes superbly with food. Yep, right up our alley.

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The Future for the #ForeverHungry


An Ode to Oat Milk
Move over, soy milk — there’s a new, cooler alternative for all your milk-based drinks. We have many reasons to believe oat milk is set to be the next big pour: it has a robust nutty flavour with a pleasantly sweet finish, AND it's got enough cream to still hold up latte art. Did we mention it's also dairy-free and vegan-friendly? This oat to be your next order.

Sharing plates

Sharing is Caring
Restaurants serving food made for sharing have been all the craze in KL. From large portions of buckwheat fried chicken at Table & Apron to beef tartare snack plates at Ember Modern Bistro, it looks like we’re just getting started with communal dining. Not only does it make eating together more engaging, it also means you get to take a bigger bite out of the menu.

Local flavours

Photo by Burppler Amayzing

Familiar Local Flavours
There’s no place like home, especially when it comes to food. In 2019, we foresee chefs going back to their roots and building menus around all things Malaysian. And trust them to take it up a notch with modern cooking techniques and unconventional flavour pairings! Did someone say chocolate and keluak?


A Glass of Healthy Bubbly
With health-conscious eating on the rise, we can look forward to healthier drinks too! We’ve got our eyes on the likes of kefir and kombucha, packed with good, gut-friendly bacteria. Begin your hunt for healthy bubblies at Yin’s Sourdough Bakery that serves these probiotic drinks fresh off the tap.

Local chocolate

Photo by Burppler Sok Chien Lim

Local Chocolate in Everything
For years we’ve been conditioned to believe imported is best. But thanks to homegrown artisanal chocolate brands like Seniman Kakao and Chocolate Concierge, we now know local is yummy too! Sweet tooths, 2019 is gonna be a treat when decadent desserts — think eclairs, cookies and truffles — made with locally grown cocoa hit the shelves.

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