Try Impossible, Beyond & Other Plant-Based Meats in Singapore

From Impossible Gyozas at a Chinese restaurant to a food truck serving only Impossible Burgers, here's where to find the trendy meat alternatives currently taking Singapore by storm.

These dishes taste like meat, but they’re actually plants. More importantly, they're environmentally-friendly, (mostly) healthy, and absolutely delicious whether you're a vegetarian or die-hard carnivore.

Three Buns (The Quayside)

Photo by Burppler K T

You'll recognise these guys from Potato Head Singapore as the ones behind their award-winning burgers. Now, they've come up with things like The Impossible Dream ($27) and The Impossible Chedda ($23), complete with things like smokey cheese and their signature toasted demi-brioche buns. Burppler Eileen How, who tried the latter, said "It's close but not quite beef yet; still made for a solid burger. The patty tasted very similar and flavourful (though lacking some beefy savouriness), especially with the smokey char straight from the grill."


Photo by Burppler Kenneth Lee

Yes, it's another burger, but at least the chefs at mezza9 forgo Impossible for Beyond Meat, which is said to taste a little nuttier and has a lovely, almost crispy kind of skin when cooked well. This one is slathered with dairy-free cheese, organic mayo, and mustard. "You would never imagine its made from plants because it’s tastes just like a real meat patty. Also, it’s more popular than their regular beef burger", says Burppler Kenneth Lee. Head over to the poolside for their sister restaurant Oasis’s grilled Beyond Sausage, wrapped in house-made buns and dill pickled Japanese cucumbers.


Photo by Burppler Shenwei Teo

Tired of burgers? Make your way towards Privé for a breath of fresh air, including a Privé Sausage Muffin ($10) with a plant-based sausage patty and Impossible Meatball Spaghetti ($19). Burppler Shenwei Teo says "The likeness is uncanny - taste and texture. It also bleeds like one too. You’ve gotta try it!" To add, Burppler bev c says the Meatballs in Marinara Sauce ($15) "had a very earthy/mushroomy taste to it, not sure if it was from the sauce or the meat but overall a great dish!"


Photo by Empress

A relatively traditional Chinese restaurant by the Singapore River seems like the last place you'd find Impossible meats, but then again, the Chinese have been experimenting with plant-based meats for a long time. Go the "filling" route with their Pan-fried Impossible Gyoza ($12 for 3), which has actually won awards. You can also get it as part of a Plant-based Dim Sum Platter ($8.80). One of our favourites is the Wood Ear Mushroom 'Char Kway Teow' ($22), which uses the game-changing OmniMeat!

The Goodburger Food Truck

Photo by Burppler Vanessa Kou

This food truck roams around Marina Bay, selling only burgers made from Impossible patties. If you haven’t tried Impossible's patties, give the ones at Goodburger a go, because these guys do the meatless meat justice with creations like the BBQ-style Happy Days ($20) and saucy One Night In Bangkok ($20). Burppler Nobelle Liew is a fan of The Black Tie ($18). "The truffle flavour’s nicely pronounced here without overwhelming the other components, which is great so your burger’s really well-balanced and you get a good zing from the pickles, some crunch from the arugula, and a little silky cheese with every bite."



Photo by Burppler Jerlin Tan

Honestly, we'd eat any kind of pizza, meat or not. PizzaExpress does impressive vegetarian versions, including the Impossible Teriyaki Pizza ($29) that comes with sauteed leek and even a drizzle of vegan mayo. Burppler May X tried the classic Impossible Curry Pizza ($27), a thin-crust pizza that "brought out the flavour of the Impossible meat much more with the thin crust. The mock minced meat was really tasty (tasted very much like real beef, only the texture is lacking a bit) and the curry taste was very fragrant!" You can also get the Impossible Teriyaki Spaghetti, which comes in an aglio olio style.


Photo by Burppler Vicky Ng

One simply can't talk about plant-based meats without mentioning VeganBurg. The OGs of meat-free patties in Singapore, this homegrown brand have been in operation since 2010. They currently have eight creative flavours to their name, including the Char-Grilled Satay ($10.90), Hawaiian Teriyaki ($10.90), and Chilli Krab ($11.90) with homemade rempah. If you like beetroot, Burppler TinyBel :D recommends The Beetroot Avocado ($11.90) because "it has a fried soy patty and it was so good! The texture of the patty is very meatish and doesn't taste like soy at all. Highly recommended."