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What’s the Deal With Drip Coffee Bags?

Gaining ground on filter coffee on the go.


Have you noticed anyone using these handy bags at the office? These tiny coffee contraptions are drip bags, and whether or not you’ve seen one, they’ve been around for a long time! The trend first took off in Japan where local grocers and convenience stores created the pocket-friendly pour-over coffee packets, which became an instant hit among salarymen needing a quick caffeine fix. After the boom in the late 1990s, this dripping phenomenon has gradually worked its way around the globe. These days, you can even get a drip bag at Family Mart stores in KL.

The idea of making good coffee accessible is a valuable one, and local cafes have now caught on to change the way you drink coffee at work or at home. These teabag-like drip bags typically see coffee grounds sealed into a basket-shaped paper filter, creating a pour-over setup. It’s incredibly easy to use; simply tear the seal open, cradle the handles over a cup and pour hot water over the grounds. Several pour-overs and mere minutes later, you have it — a perfect cup of coffee. The baristas at BEAM vouch for this, telling us how the drip coffee bag is becoming a popular option because of its sheer convenience. It works with any kettle (no fancy coffee equipment required!) and fits snugly into your back pocket. Also an indispensable feature is the control it gives the coffee drinker. Like a lighter brew? Pour in more water. Conversely, if you like your coffee strong, go slow with the hot water. But the best part about these little bags has to be that they cost you only RM5 (on average) for a cup of quality filter coffee.

Keen for a shot? Here are three places to bring a drip coffee bag home for your next cup of joe:

Bean Reserve

The now-defunct cafe has moved into retail, selling coffee capsules and drip coffee bags in supermarkets and grocers. You can get Bean Reserve’s drip bags at Ben’s Independent Grocer or online, priced at RM29.90 for a box (eight packets).  

BEAM Speciality

We like the variety of beans BEAM offers in their bags, ranging from Costa Rica to Brazil and Indonesia. A packet costs RM5.50, or you can pick up seven for a whole week’s supply at RM35.

Brew & Bread

If you’re craving for a bolder cup of coffee to have at home, these drip bags feature their strong Driver Blend. Buy a box of 10 for RM30.