What To Eat This Year According To Your Chinese Zodiac 2021

Chinese New Year starts on 12 February 2021, and it's going to be the Year of the Metal Ox. With the big day around the corner, this could be your next conversation starter with your relatives!

We've come up with a list of dishes you should eat, following descriptions of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac and their relationship to food! Disclaimer: This article is purely for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as dietary or medical advice. We urge those with health issues to consult your doctor, as even lucky food may be dangerous to your health.

Checked yours? We love playful banters so tell us whether you agree or disagree! Share this with your friends and family this CNY!

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Looks like it's your year to shine! Honest, dependable and hardworking, the Ox is like our essential workers - everyone needs you but you are often taken for granted. Put yourself first this year and improve your physical and mental health with salads and clean bowls. Try the grain bowls from KARA Cafe, hefty salads from Shake Farm, and mains from The Gut's Feeling for a start.

Lucky food: Eggplants help in gaining more income from different sources

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Rat, Snake, Rooster

The Tiger is brave, competitive and self-confident. You want to be aggressive so you go for Mala at places like Green on Earth and Fat Bird... even if you can't really handle your spice. The independent Tiger also tends to grab food on the go. Then the takeaway 1-for-1 deals from Pita Bakery and Halfpipe Skate Bar might suit you well.

Lucky food: Everything with corn to attract opportunity and love life

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Dragon, Horse, Pig

Gentle, quiet, and alert, you're often the most patient and kind in your group. The Rabbit is not always the main dish but quick enough to end up on the table anyway, just like Carrot Cake. Burpplers recommend the ones from 618 Sim Carrot Cake and He Zhong Carrot Cake, among others.

Lucky food: Mutton and beef to enhance your health and luck

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Sheep, Monkey, Dog, Pig

The Dragon is intelligent, ambitious, and loves to live a grand and luxurious life. Only the best food will do, so how about checking out the classy dining deals from Zafferano or The Lobby Lounge (InterContinental Singapore). It’s the crème-de-la-crème!

Lucky food: Spinach and tofu to stave away bad energy and sickness

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Rooster, Rat, Monkey

Intelligent, insightful, and confident like the Dragon, the Snake is a wise creature and prefers quality over quantity. Some people say you let your slitty tongue out and gossip too much, so how about quelling your tongue with delicious noodles? The Burpple community really love the ones from Kajiken, Dumpling Darlings and EVENTASTY Noodle Bar.

Lucky food: Tomatoes to welcome prosperity into your life

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Dragon, Rooster

Animated, straightforward, and energetic, some people say you whine too much with your neighs and need some hearty bites to keep your mouth busy. For the Horse, we recommend the delish burgers from Wolf Burgers, the spicy skewers from TAAN IZA-BAR, or hefty pizzas from LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar.

Lucky food: Sweet potatoes to enhance your luck

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Tiger, Sheep, Rabbit

The Goat is reliable, sympathetic and amicable – that means you are everyone's go-to-friend for a comforting day out. How about some porridge from Soon Soon Teochew Porridge? The Goat also loves to eat fruit and vegetables – think fresh fruit teas from Steeped Tea Bar and veggie bowls from Nature's Nutrition.

Lucky food: Chicken or red onion to attract sales

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Horse, Rabbit, Pig

Witty, ambitious and adventurous, you are the life of the party but can also be annoying and cheeky. The Monkey loves to break rules and eat food that's less than healthy. But who can say no to fried chicken waffles from The Beast or Vatos Urban Tacos's Nacho Mama's Nachos?

Lucky food: Black sesame and bread which generates cash flow in business or investments

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Ox, Rabbit

The Rooster is a fussy eater, but otherwise hardworking, resourceful, and talented. If you find yourself guilty of being nosy, noisy and naggy, it's time to treat your friends to some nice warming dishes like the Herbal Chicken Claypot from Lau Wang Claypot or the hotpots at Flavours by Saute.

Lucky food: Rice dishes to bring greater wealth accumulation

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Ox, Snake

The Dog is very spontaneous and loyal, and on the whole loves to eat meat, and you won't get much better than the proteins from COLLIN'S or Wooloomooloo Steakhouse. Or perhaps it's time to slow down, detox and cleanse with some high-fibre acai bowls from W Acai and An Acai Affair.

Lucky food: Plums to quell any bad luck for the year

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Rabbit

The Pig tends to eat a lot, but sometimes, you are caught for being too unproductive during your work-from-home days. Time to step up your game with mind boosters like the warm and omega-3 fatty acid rich soups from Arcade Fish Soup or the large plates from Genius Central. Then again, those born in the year of the pig also love ice cream, which you'll find plenty of at Smitten Ice Cream Bar and The Dark Gallery.

Lucky food: Pork dishes to boost wealth attraction

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep

The Rat is quick-witted and versatile and loves to try out new restaurants and to eat together with friends and loved ones. You'll find hearty meals and big tables at places like Mezza9, The Spot, or how about opting for brunch at Sarnies?

Lucky food: Load up on bananas to help you become luckier in investments

Go enjoy 1-for-1 with: Ox, Dragon, Monkey

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