Where To Cosy Up With A Good Book & A Cup Of Coffee

Few things can compare to curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee. Reading is more than just escapism and knowledge consumption; it's a hard reset and tactile experience that allows people to disconnect from their increasingly hectic lives.

As independent bookstores regain popularity among avid readers looking to shop locally, some Kuala Lumpur establishments are now offering people a place to combine their love of reading with food and coffee.

The bookstore cafe isn't a new concept, but these establishments have traditionally focused on the book experience rather than what's on the menu. That is beginning to change.
Sure, the bookstore cafe isn’t a new concept, but these businesses have typically focused on the book experience rather than what’s served on the menu. That’s starting to change.

Whisk Coffee & Pantry @ Book Xcess, Mytown Shopping Centre.

Photo By Book Xcess Mytown

This bookstore is a chain of bookstores all over the Klang Valley. They’re known for their cosy vibe and affordable books. The branch at Mytown Shopping Centre even comes with an in-house café that serves coffee and cakes. This lovely corner allows you to get some time out while browsing and provides a welcoming area to preview your favourite books before buying them. This store houses different sections including a co-working space, a hidden Papu Art Gallery, a Japanese restaurant (Umi Tei), a coffee bar (Whisk Coffee Bar and Cakes) and more.

Book Barter Cafe

Photo By Book Barter Cafe

Book Barter Cafe is a great place for you if you are looking to update your reading list spontaneously. Located in Cyberjaya’s Tamarind Square, the beautiful treehouse-inspired cafe allows you to engage in book exchange over a slice of cake and a cup of coffee.

Pages Book Cafe

Photo By Pages Book Cafe

This place offers a minimalist decor that everyone can enjoy. Come here alone If you come here hungry, you can look forward to their homemade pies, in addition to coffees and teas. Browse through their fiction and non-fiction titles and feel free to purchase anything that catches your fancy.

Bukku Cafe

Photo By Bukku Cafe

A cosy space that makes you feel at home upon stepping in, Bukku Cafe is complete with wooden bookshelves and a few tables to accommodate a small crowd. But not to worry though, as the cafe occupies two floors with a spacious interior on the first floor and yes, more bookshelves lined against the white walls. You can expect plenty of books to read here, covering everything from English & Chinese novels to children’s books and even travel guides. If that’s not enough, they have a backyard for those who prefer to enjoy a cuppa while reading their favourite book outdoors. Menu-wise, their signature Salted Egg Yolk Croissant as well as Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Matcha Latte comes highly recommended.