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Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL)

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Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) is a simple and elegant Bar & Bistro with a trademark fruity focus, artfully designed in a subtle laboratory style. At FFL, the menu is specially designed and handcrafted to incorporate a fruity element in many of the dishes, adding a dash of tangy excitement to our customers’ dining experience. FFL’s unique proposition will definitely appeal to the café goers who appreciate a healthily balanced dining experience in a comfortable, relaxed setting.


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📍: Kembangan
Cajun chicken (~SGD19++): Quite a low profile cafe, but it’s actually pretty good! Would say that overall the food is a bit salty, but I guess that’s what makes it tasty 😛 Chicken was tender and the mushroom sauce on it went well with it too. The vibe of the cafe is cute as well (science lab test tubes and beakers as utensils) and the lunch promo is not bad at all. Ate here with the burpple promo but even without burpple, it is definitely worth. 👍

FFL Signature Fish & Chips, $19⁣⁣
LOOK at this huge serving - a big piece of Fish, large size Fries, fruit salad on the side and a tub of homemade tartar sauce (which buddy spread it on the fish like how he spreads jam on bread). It tastes good, better than average i would say. That tub of sauce made a difference! The fruit salad on the same was refreshing (esp those watermelon cubes that removes the grease).⁣⁣
Soft-Shell Crab Pasta, $19⁣⁣
That Soft-Shell Crab was deep fried to perfection 💯 It was so freakin' CRISPY!!! Pasta was drenched in a Chilli Crab kinda sauce - it was sweet and just slightly spicy. I liked it!⁣⁣
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Take the whole family out for a delicious meal at this cosy cafe on Changi Road. The FFL Signature Fish & Chips ($19) is a great option for the kids — battered Pacific dory with homemade tartar sauce and a fruit salad. Adults will enjoy the Masago Caviar Pasta ($20) with crispy soft shell crab. The Forest Wrap ($18) is a great vegetarian option that comes filled with zucchini, eggplant, mushroom, tomato and cheese.
Photo by Burppler Chew Sher Mein

Come by this cosy cafe on Changi Road for innovatively-plated treats. Go for their Lightning Cars ($18) that sees grilled chicken in brown sauce served with sweet potato purée, and fresh fruits. The kids will adore the sweet and fluffy Banana Pancakes ($18) with mixed berries. Vegetarians, go for their Forest Wrap ($18) filled with zucchini, eggplant, mushroom, tomato and cheddar cheese, served with tomato sauce and a side salad with fruit. Wash it down with an Iced Long Black ($6). P.s There's a bouncy castle to burn off all that excess sugar!
Photo by Burppler Kevin M


I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose to order this vegetarian wrap ($18) rather than a more 'typical' main. But this was a quesadilla-esque wrap filled with zucchini, eggplant, mushroom and tomato with cheddar cheese. It was served with an artistic swipe of tomato sauce for that extra zing and a mesclun side salad with fruit. I couldn't help but think of Starbucks' egg white wrap as I was eating it haha. It was really good though, very flavorful with the saltiness and savoriness of the cheese melding well with the tanginess of the ratatoutille-inspired filling. The wrap was just nicely crisped and toasted, not too thick or doughy. Portion sizing was perfect.

Its quite funny because the dish was served on a big metal disc. Interesting presentation. Also they serve a complimentary shot of fruit juice in test tubes and my iced Long Black ($6) is in a beaker. Most unique presentation accompanied by the whimsical, pastel colors of the cafe. I really enjoyed my dining experience here.



Sweet, fluffy and soft! It came with mixed berries, honey sauce, green sauce that kinda looked like kaya and whipped cream. I loved it, though I wish there were more fruits. 😝 Small thing I didn’t like were the alfalfa sprouts.. they made the dish look nice but I don’t think it goes well with pancakes 😅