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Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant

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Firebake – Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant is a concept showcasing woodfired sourdough bread making and wholesome cuisine enjoyed with breads, using historical European woodfired techniques and contemporary global influences in flavours.

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A very rare dish outside fine dining. What they didn't indicate was this was spiced Indian style. The pear and the 'soup' carried scores of flavours we typically associate with savoury Indian food.

Used their organic fruit loaf. I thought it's good. I like bread pudding more than some people. A little haphazardly done but who cares?

I've always considered this a fun eat, less a serious eat. The version here was quite oily. Fyi it had prawns, which aren't pictured.

With asparagus, sherry vinegar and grana padano. The fish, prawns and scallops were all fine, but the risotto itself was uninspiring, being too hard and sour.

With burnt bread sauce and beans I hate. Requested medium well, but I think it came medium, therefore the bloodiness. Tender, fairly fat but lacked the mutton flavour, resembling beef more. Sauce was delicious.

Tasting platter of several of their signature bread, with artisanal churned Brittany butter and Greek olive oil. Although I had wanted to visit, I was never a fan of sourdough, and this proved it, if they're in fact experts at it. Each type of bread was unique, it's hard to remember, but they're all sour. Butter was good but oil was just oil I guess.