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From the Burpple community

Fresh, thick cuts of salmon, swordfish, and tuna sashimi with seaweed, salmon flakes, prawn roe, marinated salmon/tuna, spicy jellyfish, and pickled radish sitting on a huge bowl of rice - this is an insanely filling meal that kept me full even after dinner time. I've no qualms about the quality and quantity of the seafood; I just didn't quite like the rice which isn't as vinegary as I would like. Nonetheless, this is one of the best value-for-money kaisendon I've tried and you should too!


Fisher Chef is one of the few certified Japanese hawker stalls to offer sashimi-grade raw fish options including the kaisen donburi ($16). It's one of the more visually pleasing donburis out there, with a Instagram-worthy presentation of colours and textures. For $16, you also get miso soup and chawanmushi on the side, both of which were decent but otherwise average. The donburi itself has wakame, pickled daikon, tuna, mekajiki, salmon and even poké-style marinated tuna and jellyfish. I enjoyed the raw fish, especially the salmon and mekajiki, which were very fresh and smooth on the palate, but not so much the spicy shredded salmon with tobiko, which could've been substituted for something else!! Am very impressed overall and would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a more affordable yet unconventional donburi 😋


Sashimi type varies with every visit depending on availability, but the amount of seafood given is super generous! The cut is thick and well worth the money, keeps me coming back again and again! Only gripe is that the rice isn't of very good quality and it can take quite a while for the food to be served.


Seriously freshly fried tempura. A little waiting time required for this $15 of crunchy seafood and vegetables. The stall offers a wide variety of rice bowls and three types of udon. This portion is enough for 2 pax.

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