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Yessss I could get oolong w the idea of having this all day, everyday! Driven by the motto to provide healthier versions of milk tea/juices, Flamingo’s tea comes with traditional Chinese tea leaves - oolong, jasmine, puer, chrysanthemums. Check out their menu for the health benefits of the different concoctions! For folks who’re looking for some sins, there’s the option to add on bobas, aloe vera or salted milk cap (like I did!). Highly recommend the salted milk cap (again, made of premium milk powder yada yada) which goes so perfectly well with the drink. I twirled my drink around to give it a good mix - and woah, it turned into a rose-oolong milk tea which was insanely fragrant - thanks to both the quality tea leaves and floral fragrance from the rose buds (yes it came with real rose buds!) *Disclaimer: Roses, while generally well loved by sight, remains an acquired taste by 👅 so do go for the many other options available if you’re not a fan of 🌹

If you are walking around the Stone Slabs Street, do remember to drop by this bubble tea shop where they sell various drinks with Instagrammable place.

The drink I have was mangoes blend with almond milk and fresh grapes. HKD43

Gotta admit I fell for their marketing gimmick, but packaging/design aside, the drink really packs a punch! The tea flavour was reallyyyy authentic and fragrant. The milk topping makes it extra smooth to drink as well. Strongly recommended but PS the flamingo is sold separately at 15 HKD 😂