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That works out to be SGD17 or USD14, very affordably priced considering London IS one of the most expensive cities in the world.

And what really sealed the deal was that the steak was tasty – juicy and tender; the dining environment cool matched with casual, friendly service.

There may be other versions around, but this is the real deal. #DFDLondon

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Looking for somewhere to dine over the candlelight? Curious as to how cutting some meat with a cleaver feels? Flat Iron is the place to go! At £15 per person, you get a portion of tantalising beef steak each and a serving of spinach + chips to share. Perfect place to have an early dinner before strolling the warmly decorated streets of London in this chilly winter! - 👴🏻 #burpple

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A popular dining option everyone talks about that is worth the rave; take the special Flat Iron burger for example. An at least 170g patty (my instinctive approximation) that is charred on the surfaces and cooked according to your preference on the inside; I opted for a medium rare which came out as the above and was beyond satisfied. What I'd like to commend about the patties- they are earnest minced beef meat patties without much of other enabling ingredients like egg, bread etc. You sink your teeth into chunks of meat- that carnivores dream about.
To indulgently glorify the patty- a creamy Béarnaise sauce tops as a hat of the patty. Thats not the end of this treating affair when the burger buns are fragrant with slabS of butter-a need to emphasise plurality here.
An order of the creamy spinach will seal the pampering experience- finely chopped spinach in a mysterious cream concoction that works palatably.

P.S: For a "leaner" experience- the straightforward £10 flat iron steak is great with an order of the must have creamy spinach.

Shiok! It's da bomb, die die must try! It's today's special and for the price at £18, it's a steal


Damn worth and nice! Medium rare, pink inside, but no blood oozing out!!


Must try! Best value steak. Nice ambience. No frills and really awesome. Super cute dude at the door ✌️