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The pork belly was average but the pork ball was good!! Love the ban mian and the soup base...

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The mee hoon kueh (torn hand-pulled noodles) looked generally thick but were silky soft & chewy to the centre - great consistent texture throughout all the free-style & individually shaped pieces.
Their minced meat were also well-marinated, no gamey odour & were optionally blanched along with their cabbage and dumpling (pretty decent). Surprised to find a runny egg served in the side bowl of soup too.
Do take note though, portion wasn't that suitable for fully grown adults, my colleague was complaining so I'd suggest to really top-up $1. In our case, the Fried Dumplings ($4) by the side were so helpful thanks to my lovely supervisor @Androlite_10! 🙌🏻
Overall, food was commendable - nothing flashy nor glamorous but certainly satisfying & homely. Well having been here twice, I'd say that if only their service could be less than arrogant & portion size be more magnanimous, then yes this is a good place to get your fix of comfort. But definitely bearable.

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