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Mac and Cheese is definitely one of my favourite guilty pleasures. The Mac and Cheese served by French Garçon at the food court at Block 22 of Ngee Ann Poly is served fresh to you in a cute little takeout box and is everything a Mac n Cheese needs, thick, gooey and full of melted cheese. You get to choose your own toppings and flavours, and the pasta is nice and chewy. Definitely will come again to try some of their more unique flavours next time!

Price - ~$5.20 a box

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Healthy and Tasty meal!

Honest speaking..
The serving isn't that much for even 2 guys to eat.
We asked the aunty why the serving seem lesser as it dun seem to be for even 2 guys to consume.
Aunty said.. it is for those who wanna diet to purchase this Party Serving.
Dunno she is just kidding or serious in it.
We did purchased Waffles to eat to fill our stomach. We aren't starving.. We are just eating as lunch as normal.

- Mashed Potatoes (can be seen in the photo)
- Pasta
- Olive Brown Rice
- Brown Rice
- Noodles type

- Corns
- Sweet Potatoes
- Slice Button Mushroom with pepper
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Mock Goat Meat
- Hard Boiled Egg
- Peanuts (for porridge type)

Will recommend you to try their single serving instead~

Signature: $3.30
- 1 Premium
- 2 Normal
- Green

Fill-Me: $3.50
- 2 Premium
- 1 Normal
- Green

Party: $7
- 3 Premium
- 5 Normal
- Green

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If you are one who appreciates a 'gao gao' Teh Peng, there's a gem here in Ngee Ann's newest canteen, Food Club! (Trust me, I know how sad it is to be so excited but slurp in a diluted Teh Peng.) It's my favourite item to get if I need to perk myself up. Small for $0.85, big for $1.20. TAKE MY MOOLAHHHHH.


$3 for this amazing bowl of goodness. The soup had flavour and tasted fantastic. Every dish that you order is cooked on the spot, resulting in the waiting time for this Japanese stall to be extremely long. I had to wait almost 20 minutes for this kitsune udon. But I find it really worth it if you compare it to other food in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. You can even upsize at an affordable price! The udon was fantastic, not too hard and not too soft. My favourite would be the kitsune because it is sweet and the amount of kitsune they give definitely stands out as to me as generous.

From the western stall at Food Club at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Quite decently portioned, the grilled fish was crisp on the exterior though being a little dry inside, though still quite fine since it was drizzled in a lightly spicy black pepper sauce. Mash potatoes were pretty passable, though the vegetables were pretty generic and tasted coming from a freezer pack.


From a stall named Gurtsy Yogurt at Food Club food court in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Soft serve yogurt is pretty similar to llaollao; smooth consistency without being overly sour. Each Petite Yogurt is entitled to one topping, though I opted for two (additional toppings at $1 each). Mini Matcha Mochi are like slightly harder, but still chewy gummies with a light matcha flavour. Caramel sauce was a little bitter in flavour; perhaps a little burnt and overdone; opting for other sauces like Honey might be a better option.