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From the Burpple community

I felt that the veg and own gravy was too much and oily tbh ($3.50). Their meat and veg portion was quite small imo so I don't think that I will returning back. I felt that it's meh tbh.

From Warung Ramlah
Lontong Sayur Lodeh & Kueh Lopes
A classic dish to have for a relaxing morning.

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Tasty bowl of fishball kway teow with sliced fish cake.
Spring onion and vegetables paired up nicely.

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Grab x go snacks.
咸煎饼 蝴蝶结
Ham chim peng x butterfly bun.
Chewy fluffy texture with sesame seed fragrance.

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Spicy Cheese Chicken Cutlet ($8.8)
A bit expensive but it's very good! The chicken is so soft and tender and the outside is sooo crispt, I think it's fried with breadflour so it's super crispy and soft on the inside. The potato also crispy outside mushy inside and the spices they use also great! The garlic bread also crispy and savory!
The only downside was some part of the meat looks a bit uncooked...but other than that it's really good

From 5 Loaves Hakka YTF stall, a plate of plain soft warm rice noodle, Chee Cheong Fun, with savoury sweet sauce and sesame seeds.

Teh C $1.20.