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08:30am - 04:30pm

08:30am - 04:30pm

08:30am - 04:30pm

08:30am - 04:30pm

08:30am - 04:30pm



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Reviews at Free The Robot Coffee

Reviews of good food at Free The Robot Coffee


This is amazing. Crispy on the outside, juicy fresh avocado in the inside. Plus, the presentation was so nice! Will definitely have this again.

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Smooth, balanced and so velvety. Every morning should start like this.

$8 for Avocado and feta. I think it’s a great price point + the ingredients were really fresh!

Don't be fooled by the simplistic appearance of this Chicken Meatball Cream Sauce Pasta ($13+); I can never resist ordering it over deciding to try something new, but nevermind that because I never regret doing so!

The meatballs are by far the heartiest and juiciest I've ever had, and they really are the main reason why the pasta dish is so damn good! Of course, the cream sauce is fantastic as well and is light and creamy enough without being overwhelmingly rich to finish. TBH, I'd happily share a second plate of this, just because... ❀️❀️

$5 a good sized cup. Made by the skilful and friendly @kiddsu

The frozen berries were a tad sour so that definitely woke me up. Always a lovely space to spend some alone time. #burpple #freetherobot

Freshly made daily in the shop, the outer layer is slightly toasted creating a crispy texture while the inner layer is thick but soft thus creating an enjoyable experience when I sank my tooth into it. The scramble eggs may seem ordinary, but it was creamy and has a tad sweetness to it. Damn, I regretted not adding the smoked salmon and the avocado to it.

Was in the area so offered to help a colleague get the bottled cold brew but was surprised to get it in this form. Apparently they don't serve it in bottles anymore but I wish they informed me when they took my order, especially when the receipt still said "(btl)".

The coffee itself was okay though a little diluted. It goes without saying I won't be forking out $7.50 for this again. πŸ˜…

A cafe in the day, bar at night.
Nv tried the night bar, but im loving the daytime vibe. Dont be mislead by the name, there is no robot except a cute doggy. He wont bother u much, except looking at ur food.
Not to forget the avocado pesto toastie ($7), there is grilled feta and chedder cheese in it. I love it but my friend couldnt accept the feta cheese becoz there is hint of goat smell. I can have all myself πŸ˜‹ hot chocolate $6 was so-so only. Free the robot signature ($6) was better choice, we had another more after one
πŸ“118 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068587 #yybfftelokayer

A refreshing caffeine hit without the heaviness of milk in the drink. If you still want some creaminess, drink it straight from the cup rather than through the straw so you get the froth before the coffee/cola. #burpple #freetherobot

That pistachio ice cream was sublime.

Some freelance hand modeling perhaps @helloernie_?
#burpple #freetherobot

Found an açai bowl on the chalkboard!
Ohhhh im aΓ§ai-ted πŸ˜ƒ

Prepared with soy milk, honey, berries, coconut flakes & assorted smoked-nuts.

⭕️ tinge of saltiness from the nuts
⭕️ loads of chia pudding
⭕️ looks, feels, tastes healthy

❌ portion is a little small

Verdict: 😊 i still prefer my açaí frozen or really really cold. It still was still pretty good, especially with the mint leaf (garnish) - REFRESHING. Gave it a 😊 because of the tinge of saltiness and explosion of various textures in my mouth; every scoop tastes slightly different 😯

Lightly grilled ham with melted cheese served with (likely) honey mustard in a thick toastie.

We decided to go with this as it seems like most people are burppling it, so we gotta try #FOMO

πŸ’Έ$8+$3 +
Verdict: 😊
Its lacking a little or crisp on the edges of the toasts...but the taste is pretty good. A yummy combination complimented by the creamy taste of πŸ₯‘ and tangy sauce. Melted cheese is always better than jux a slice of cheese πŸ™‚

On the hunt for good oats/ granola/ museli bowls and I decided to try the one here. The bowl is super pretty. It comes with loads of nuts, handful of berries and what seems to be untoasted oats and yogurt. The resulting bowl was slightly drier than my preferred texture, but it's nothing a little milk can't fix. Nevertheless, I was hoping for more berries to go along. At $10 a bowl, I think there are better options out there.

Accepting @okwhotookmyusername challenge for the #BurppleBurgerMonth, which gives me enough excuse to eat as many burgers as I wish. I'm still hoping that I'll either win the $300 burger party for 10 at Potato Head Folk, or someone would bring me when he/she wins 😁
This burger is taken at Free the Robot, and I always trust this place to serve decent food at a great price. This egg, bacon, cheese and patty went well together with the nicely toasted bun. Patty was tasty, but bordering on being over seasoned and over cooked. Nevertheless, it's still a decent burger at only $13.

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