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Freehouse was birthed from a thirst that could only be quenched by good beer and cider, if you're like us, you'll understand when we say the thirst is real. At Freehouse, we like our beers and ciders full of flavor, because nothing’s worse than the taste of bad beer.. So it’s only natural that we made it our life mission to bring you nothing but the best beers out there. Get this, we’ve got 16 rotational craft beers and an extensive bottle list that covers a variety of styles and breweries from all over the world, thirsty yet? We thought so. It gets even better, our menu of soulful Asian food (can’t take the Asian out of us) is crafted specifically to complement the beers we offer. If you didn’t catch any of that, just know we have good drinks, food and vibes. You'll find us on the second story of a shophouse in the heart of CBD, so go on, climb those stairs to (beer) heaven, you know you want to. #goodvibesontap

21A Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069620

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05:00pm - 12:00am


05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

#meatymondays just ain’t the same when you’re quarantined, so it got me reminiscing on that time I had a carnivore’s paradise on a platter.⠀

The elegantly named Platter for 2 ($60++) has redolent ribeye steak, fabulous fried pork belly, chicken tikka, @tacomantra own chicken wings and samosas stuffed into a little metal tray. The most outstanding item in the platter is doubtlessly the succulent steak. Fabulously fatty, sensationally sapid, superbly succulent and tantalisingly tender, the steak was quite impossible to stop eating.⠀

The chicks were pretty delicious. The chicken tikka was immensely infused with Indian spices and cooked decently, while the wings had that savoury spiciness that made it rather palatable. The wings were a tad overcooked, but when you wash it down with a brilliant beer, it doesn’t really matter.⠀

The pork belly was fantastically fatty with a decently crispy crackling, but it was overly salty. But Taco Mantra has mastered its market very well, they’ve studied their customers and they’re making a 400 IQ play. When you eat something extra salty, what’s your first instinct? That’s right, you reach out for a drink. And what is @freehousesg game? Spot on lad, it’s a beer pub. Thank me for this revelation later.⠀

Also, samosas are better bar food than French fries, you can’t prove me wrong. All these elements make for a real piquant platter, and while splitting sixty two ways is a touch costly, the quality & variety is downright decent. Pretty posh pub grub if you ask me, and it’s undeniably unctuous.

Oh, Freehouse now delivers these platters straight to you doorstep, so now would be a good time to get your meat on.⠀

Mucho grassy ass to @tacomantra for generously hosting us, and to @burpple for setting this up!

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So, you’re out here on the yuuugest weekend bender before the month long lockdown kicks in. Before you get in too deep, remember to fuel yourself up with palatable pub grub, such as @tacomantra Double Cheeseburger ($24++). Available exclusively at @freehousesg.⠀

Twenty four plus plus for a stunningly stacked double patty cheeseburger ain’t bad. Two thicc, flavoursome juicy beef patties are blanketed in a very comfy layer of melted cheese and topped with bacon onion jam. The dill pickle mayo applied on the bun adds a fair bit of sourness & acidity to the meaty, fabulously flavoured burger and makes it one of the most complete burgers in the world.⠀

Yeah alright, the burger is kinda basic. But it’s a brilliantly basic burger that can easily hold its own against much of the competition.

Mucho grassy ass to @tacomantra for generously hosting us, and to @burpple for fixin’ this up!

Freehouse has been there for a few years now, but Taco Mantra’s invasion & occupation of their kitchen happened about a year or so ago. Taco Mantra updated their menu quite recently, which is why I was there. Besides the beer, of course.⠀

Run by Elijah & his fiancée Esh, Taco Mantra tout themselves as an Indian Mexican pub grub concept. Their Grilled Cheese Naanwich ($15++) is most definitely Indian inspired, as it’s really just a grilled cheese sanga with the bread substituted with some light, fluffy as fuck naan.⠀

It’s nigh impossible to go wrong with grilled cheese between two slices of carbs, and the Naanwich does hit the spot. I do wish that there was more cheese in those naan pockets, but it’s positively piquant. It’s a straightforwardly savoury sponge that soaks up all of those beers you’ve been chugging down from Freehouse’s big, beautiful wall quite excellently.⠀

I know we live in a society, and society’s pretty afraid to go out right now. Can’t blame ‘em, the ‘rona is back stronger than ever like the Undertaker. However, if you can brave it for a pint or two of liquid courage, please #savefnbsg, as pubs & bars in the CBD have been absolutely bodied by the virus.⠀

The bars & pubs were there for us when we needed ‘em, now it’s time to prove to these fountains of life that the streets don’t forget.

Thanks for generously hosting us Taco Mantra, and thanks for organising Burpple!

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Bright, Tropical, Crisp. This flagship beer has the crispness of a Pilsner melded with aromatic fruity American hops. Easy on the palate, it is a great all-purpose beer for those looking for a refreshing change 》10oz Draft $11 / 16oz Draft $16

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One of the only drinks they don’t let you sample, this oyster stout is something else man. It’s rich and heady, with a smokey (almost meaty) flavour that’s pretty crazy. Then comes undertones of a light brininess, which I guess is why it’s called oyster stout.

It is a lot to handle, so I’d share this if I were to get it again.


I would agree with the description of enjoyment with a background of screaming metal guitars; fits that soundtrack of @freehousesg for sure...taking you on that magic carpet ride brought about by that strong hop forwardness.

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