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From the Burpple community

As usual, I had a huge craving for smashed avocado so I couldn't go past without ordering this dish. As far as smashed avocados go, you really can't go wrong wherever you order it really... But I did like the special little pink radish salad! It was a refreshing + novel addition to the smashed avo!

This was also surprisingly good! Lots of corn in the corn cakes!! And we FINALLY found a place with relish rather than just tomatoes! Topped with crushed avocado (which I was craving!) so YAY! Although it wasn't absolutely amazing, it was a nice little find for sure! We also had no idea what to expect since we sort of just ran into it when the other places were just way too full for us to handle at that point in the afternoon! Although the atmosphere wasn't as hipster as their neighbouring cafes, we were met with friendly service with nice food and good chai.

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This chai latte was actually quite good!! I think it was powder but the soy was steamed to the perfect temperature + creamy-ness and it wasn't watery at all!! We didn't add any honey but it was well sweet enough! Possibly since it was powder...?

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Best brunch so far ☕️ #coffee #brunch

This latte art is purely simple & nice to look at.