51 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#02-164 Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
Singapore 588215

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From the Burpple community

To be honest, this bowl of soup looks really pathetic at first glance because all I see is a heaping amount of cabbage, 2-3 slices of fish and 1 crabmeat ball. But the first spoonful of that seafood-infused broth changed my impression immediately as the seafood sweetness knocked some senses into me. As a I dig in to the soup further, I realised that there were not just 3 slices of fish, but 5 THICK AND SMOOTH fish slices and a handful of clams at the bottom.

So lesson learnt my friends, never judge a book by its cover because this seafood soup iz good. They also have scallop, crayfish and lobster versions at more premium prices if you're willing to pay!


Lobster Seafood Soup from FreshGeneration at the Bukit Timah Market. The soup is pretty delicious. 👍Lobster is a lil on the small side, 2 whole lobsters cut into 4 halves. Plus 9 prawns, clams and fish slices. ($58!!!) Next time we'll try the more affordable fish slices soup which is $5, now that the cravings is satisfied. While waiting for the food to be prepared the Mrs asked the stall lady some questions because she found the lady familiar. Both soon chat like old time market aunties..... coz the folks from @FreshGenerationSeafoodSoup used to be the Zhi Char operator near our place!!! (Super super long ago) No wonder both sides found each other familiar. Wonder next we order fish soup, will get more fish or not? 😂


Finally got to try this platter with their handmade noodles. Prolly because we were the first customer, the broth wasn't that flavorful. But the portion was so worth it. The bowl it was served in was bigger than 2x my face and yet, the ingredients and soup were filled up till almost the brim! So the experience was not bad:) Will consider giving it more try later in the evening the next time:)

Fresh if they named themselves, but the lala wasn't exactly so, prawns were just fine while lobster was a tad overcooked.
Couldn't help but to compare the stock with that of Sumo's, and this lost out in richness although it was still rather light and sweet. We had a choice of rice or noodles to go with the soup, which we kinda regretted choosing the latter as the Lamen was soggy and spoiled the whole thing.

This exceeded our expectation. I think the soup is pretty okay, definitely not bland. The ingredients were fresh and generous. Bowl was huge and attracted a lot of attention. Twice someone approached us to ask us which stall is this from and whether it is nice. Lol. I would definitely wanna eat this again.

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We travelled to the west last weekend to sample this seafood soup store hidden within Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. Choosing between Lobster Soup ($28 serve 1) and their Signature Seafood Platter ($28 serve 3), I prefer the former as it retain the sweetness of the seafood though might be on the saltier end.