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Reviews at Frozen By A Thousand Blessings

Reviews of good food at Frozen By A Thousand Blessings

Yes that's cheesecake as a topping, with mango pearls and nata de coco.

Interesting flavors of frozen yogurt! Lemon & ginger is the recommended flavor with an acquired taste. Pomegranate is nice!

$3.80/100gram. There's about 6 flavors to choose from. Original are our favorite by far, creamy yet light texture. Best of all its all using organic product and stevia is widely use in all flavors in substitute of sugar. The ambience and staff are great.

$3.80 per 100g. Yogurt by weight scares me because I never know what to expect $$$. My small cup filled to the brim costs $11.25, but so thankful for this on a hot day!! Creamy goodness. Had the pomegranate and passionfruit, loved that it wasn't too sweet. Loads of toppings to choose from but I decided on crunch (almond, granola) & kiwi which was surprisingly sweet.


I think you guys might be tired of me posting the same thing over and over but I really love the Mango&Soy flavored froyo at Frozen by a Thousand Blessings! Although the weight charges can be restrictive for those who want to save money, I really enjoy the concept of choosing your own toppings; although most of the time I end up getting similar ones. If you come here please please PLEASE try the mango flavour before the others. Trust me you won't be disappointed!

I know I've posted this before but this deserves a re-post! Came back to Frozen by a thousand blessings after craving for the Mango & Soy yogurt from weeks on end. Tried out their interesting red velvet cheesecake bits, but the main feature has to be the MANGO PEARLS. These little balls bursts like a sweet version of IKURA in your mouth, spilling the remnants of mango juice that each pearl contained on impact.Β 



Frozen is a frozen yogurt concept store that originated in Melbourne, and their store is located beside Toa Payoh Market at Lorong 1, on the opposite side to where Creamier is, if that helps.

Even though they charge by weight ($3.80/100g), I actually found the yogurt to be thick and rather filling. We asked to try all the flavours and settled on the Mango&Soy which is utterly amazing. I shared a medium cup with my brother which was filled up to the top where we still tried to squeeze in some (homemade) Brownies, Banana Bread, and Lemon Slices, with some Flax Seeds drizzled on top. If you had to choose one topping for your first try, go for the Lemon Slices, it contains a lemon icing on the top and the body tastes sth like cookie dough.

Total damage was $10.85 which I thought was not too bad given the amount we took!

The only downside to this place is probably the lack of uniqueness in branding. The store name and product is quite a common one and pretty self-explanatory ("Frozen" and "Yogurt"), it's store name can be confused with a movie, and the full name with its subscript can be quite a mouthful to pronounce... (Frozen By A Thousand Blessings)

Spread the word and support them if you like 'em!!

Heartiness (portion): 4/5
Tastiness (product): 5/5
Worthiness (price): 4/5

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The toppings/sauces, which are diverse and extensive in selection, are free flow as the yogurt is ultimately priced by weight, so I had the intention to line the periphery with all these quirky unusual toppings. The end product, apologetically, evokes memories of the Raffles Place MRT platform at 6.30PM in its orgiastic festivity. 3.5/5

Another froyo place is in town. Made from organic ingredients from Australia, the yogurt is smooth and creamy with a consistency similar to that of Llao Llao. The concept is similar to that of sogurt, where you choose the amount of yogurt you want along with toppings and sauce and the final price is determined by weight. Overall, quality is pretty good. However, Llao Llao still gives more bang for your buck, and a medium sized cup cost me around $12, which is way too costly imo.

Love the taste of the froyo and toppings. One of the better ones in SG. It's from Melbourne btw 😊


Located a few shops away from Creamier, well it's technically in the same row but different block! This place sells organic yogurt made with stevia (calorie-free substitute of sugar). Green tea lovers you're definitely gonna love the green tea flavoured yogurt! They even have coconut & mango-soy flavours too and a wide range of toppings to choose from! my sister and i loved the white chocolate topping! anyway everything is charged by weight here, $3.80/100g

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$3.80/100g. Quite pricey tbh. The original flavour is rather light, though I would like a more sourish yogurt taste. You can try the flavours before buying! Definitely recommend the green tea, the distinct fragrance is there yet it's so light on the palate. Mango & Soy has a nice after taste to it. Wide range of toppings to choose from, such as macarons from Australia and cheesecake chunks. The strawberries and kiwis were decently sweet!


The froyo craze is making its way back, with newly opened Frozen opening its doors in Toa Payoh, offering a healthier alternative to the usual ice creams and gelatos to quell the heat. Hailing from Melbourne, this yoghurt bar uses biodynamic milk and yoghurt, serving up cool frozen yoghurt flavours including pomegranate, green tea, mango & soy, and coconut. Toppings range from healthy chia seeds, banana bread, goji berries, pomegranate bits, roasted coconut, and loads more!

deserving for completing the week
a couple weeks old, frozen by a thousand blessings joins a host of cafes that are sprouting up all over toa payoh. more info on ma blog ☝️☝️

Melbourne imported froyo spotted in TPY!!! Super near to creamier. The sweetness and sourness was very well balanced and the flavors were pronouncedly brought out. It was very smooth as well. My fave has gotta be mango & soy and chocolate. They've other unique flavors like green tea, coconut and pomegranate! Their toppings are not the usual ones you see as well, from chia seeds (for the health conscious) to cheesecake and rocky road. There's bound to be something you like from the wide variety that they've to offer. Going at $3.8/100g, I don't think I will crave for Sogurt anymore! Frozen is the way to go! (Just that it's a little far from home πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

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