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From the Burpple community

Holy hell this was good.

I mean you can tell from the generous amounts of various kinds of peppers that this was going to be superbly fragrant. They penetrated the meat v well and the ratio of ckn to potatoes was great. And the ckn were chunky as well as well cooked

Simple but smashing. Must try if you're here

Pretty well done, the flavour is somewhat unique

A very common dish but their spin is unique, because of the chilies so it's not sweet

More spicy and savoury than sweet and sour. Really big portion and the peanuts were a nice touch

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Ingredients were cooked well and quite tender, with good wok hei. But it doesn't capture the essence of mushu pork, not that many places too

A decent rendition in singapore

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Quite tender and quite comforting, generous portion

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