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From the Burpple community

Soft and pilowy sponge cake with good consistency. There is a hint of pumpkin sweetness and topped with rasins and red dates. Would definitely come back for more.

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Breakfast of the day was this brown goodness! Hint of brown sugar floating out from this fluffy and spongy steamed cake. You know it will be light and pilowy from the tons of air pockets. White sesame seed sprinkled at the top to enhance the flavour it further and added more sweetness with the dried logan at the top.

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Another try from this chinese stall that sells steamed mantou and pau all day. Gotten their matcha red bean mantou as recommended by the stall owner. Mantou itself was sweet but the skin was slightly rough and thick. It was dense and not as fluffy. Red bean was sweet by itself, not coated with any additional sugar or any sweetener. However, i wish they have more red bean here.

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New kid on the block here was this chinese stall that was selling beef noodles and some cold appetiser. However, what caught my attention was this giant steamer tray filled an assorted variety of colourful bao with hot air streaming out.

Picked out this overflowing black sesame bun, the filling was gushing out when i peeled apart. Black sesame was more on the savoury side but comes with a hint of sweetness. Would definitely try their other flavours in time to come.

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Skin was too thick but is a good alternative for a quick snack or light lunch.

Plain and simple cookie but not much of walnut taste from this cookie like those that i had before.