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  • Parking can be hard to find. Best to come via public transport
  • Brightly lit and whimsical, with space for walking in between tables
  • Cheerful spot for all-day brunch at the foot of Mount Faber
  • Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, Salmon Madness, Pork Chop with Sweet Potato Mash, Truffle Fries

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From the Burpple community

Always loved the food in this cafe, and the dishes I tried today is good as always!

The Truffle Bacon Mushroom ($18) is really the winning dish for today, as the flavour was on point on so many areas. The pasta was al dente and it was coated well with the creamy truffle sauce that had a good amount of truffle oil flavour and was not too cloying. The bacon pieces were very well fried, giving so much flavour to the pasta itself. The mushrooms gave even more umami to the dish, making this a very addictive one!

The Pork Chop & Sweet Mash ($19) was interesting, as they used sweet potato to make the mash, giving it a sweeter touch. The grilled pork chop was well seasoned and grilled, with really satisfying fatty parts around the meat. The meat itself can be a little tough though!

The Plus Burger ($20) was pretty wholesome altogether with the thick bacon and flavourful sauce within, but the patty can be abit dry on its own.

The Truffle Tatertots ($11) were wonderfully crispy and creamy within, but it did get soggy after a while. Truffle taste isn't strong in this one.

The Mocha ($6) was great, with a good balance between the earthy chocolate flavours and the aromatic coffee brewed. Not too acidic and milky!

So glad that we had #burpplebeyond, as it helped to cut 30% off our bill! Definitely a wonderful place and will be back for more 😍

There are so many new cafes in Singapore, but it remains hard to find a cafe with good creamy (ie rich) sauces and satisfying food items overall and for this Fuel Plus still gets my vote! 5 stars and 5 ❤️. We highly recommend the signature items as shown. We are grateful too that prices are not rocket high and are “all in” - ie what you see on the menu is exactly what you pay/ are billed. Although there are cost pressures facing all F&B outlets in Singapore, I detected just a ~$1-$2 Increase for the larger items on the Fuel Plus+ menu in the course of these few years. Wow. Please support Fuel Plus+, esp given the Burpple discount!

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Nothing much to shout about, I personally felt the combination of salty caramel and tart strawberry/drizzle didn't work well.

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Well spiced fried chicken atop an addictive truffled mash, this dish is well deserving of the many recommendations. Only complaint is that the chicken would be crispier.

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Flaky crab meat and prawns in a slightly spicy agilo-based fettuccine. It has a good spiciness level and does not give off an intense aroma. Garlic slices are used instead of chopped garlic so garlic lovers don't expect this to come with strong garlic flavours. The prawns are well-seasoned but the flakes of crab meat don’t contribute much to the dish.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 30% Off Total Bill ✌ (U.P $18)

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I love the combination of russet and sweet potatoes they use to make their rösti. The rösti is not oily and looks more like a plate of fried noodles. The bbq pulled pork is tender juicy and complements well with the rösti and sunny side up.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 30% Off Total Bill ✌ (U.P $17)

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