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Fuel Plus+

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Located at the foot of Mount Faber, the junction of Wishart & Morse Road. Serving coffee, all-day brunch, and many more. Call 63520768 to make reservations.

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Main Dish
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Main Dish
SAVE ~$18.50
Main Dish
SAVE ~$18.50
Main Dish
SAVE ~$18.50

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From the Burpple community

Chilli crab pasta was slightly spicy for me.
But the rest of the dishes didn’t disappoint !

Location could be a little out of way but it’s worth it if you use Burpple beyond.

I love how cute the ribbon pasta was !!!
Pasta wasn’t overly creamy with an appropriate amount of truffle taste to it !

Truffle lovers should get this

Salmon wasn’t dry and the skin was so flavourful.
Portion of the salmon was huge, almost double the size of what you normally get elsewhere.

All the veggies were cooked and seasoned perfectly. Carrots were so sweet and the zucchini was soft.

Packed w a mad kick of Tom yum flavour, this dish doesn’t disappoint, AT ALL. In fact, I haven’t tasted a dish that has disappointed me, or my friends. Guess we now know why this place has been pretty highly wishlisted despite its secluded location.

Love this healthy dish with seared tender salmon laid on top of a bed of roasted potatoes and carrots. ❤️ will definitely reorder this again.

Great Food, Tender Pork Ribs And Flavourful Chilli Crab Pasta:) Super Friendly Staff Too! Will Definitely Be Back again! :)