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From the Burpple community

Before back to KL, I decided go to have a taufuhua . The taufuhua is smooth and not too sweet but it doesnt as smooth and soft as last time I visit here. They have also raise up the price to RM3 per bowl, for me is abit slightly expensive but still worth to have a try.


Sweet with the sugar syrup. But tbh, don’t think it’s very fantastic!
2️⃣Bottled Soyabean (2.5rm for small): Sweetness is just nice & I prefer this bottled soyabean instead of the Tauhuay.
Don’t think it’s worth a special trip for this, but if you are nearby, you can still give it a try!
Wanted to try the Kedai Minuman Woong kee (tau fu fah, bean curd pudding) BUT when I went there, it was close... so I had no choice but to try another shop’s. So if you are going penang, u can give both a try! && let me know which one tastes better okay! 👍🏻
⭐️6.5/10 ✌🏻
📍49, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 🇲🇾 #gluttonvien

I can’t help but smile at the name of this popular soya beancurd shop but the quality of their “tau fu fah” (that’s the Cantonese name for this local dessert) is not to be laughed at.
Fabulously soft, smooth and silky, it simply melts away in the mouth. I love the very light brown clear syrup it is doused in as it has a richer sweetness than the typical colourless kind.
What makes this place extra unique is you can drive up in a car, wind down the window to place your order, get the “tau fu fah” served to you and when you’ve slurped it up, have your empty bowl collected. All within the span of a minute. Which explains the long queue of cars usually found snaking around the block leading up to “Funny Mountain”.


Silky smooth beancurd that is a must eat when you are here.Ask for less sweet if you do not like very sweet stuff!


The syrup and the drink was too sweet though. 👍🏻2/5
✖️not worth special trip down, but if u r nearby, no harm trying
📍Ipoh, #yybffIPOH

Funny stall name and friendly aunty. Very smooth traditional beancurd, only for RM1! #MTCinIpoh