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Reviews at G7 Sin Ma Claypot Live Frog (Geylang)

Reviews of good food at G7 Sin Ma Claypot Live Frog (Geylang)

Porridge cooked to a nice and thick consistency which goes well with the sauce from the Gong Bao Frog legs - right amount of spiciness and fresh tender frog legs. 4 out of 5 mochi 🍡🍡🍡🍡

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Enjoyed the boiling hot gong bao / ginger spring onion frog legs with the smooth sweet porridge! Omlette went well w the samal chilli sauce as well. #burpple #burpplesg

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When it’s cold outside (it’s about 4deg now in Brighton), all I’m craving for is something warm & comforting & the first thing that comes to mind is this frog leg claypot porridge I had.

Choose how big a portion of the claypot frog legs you’d like to have, as well as the way it’s done! For 2 pax, we ordered the bundle that comes with 7 frogs (buy 4, get 3 free, together with a pot of porridge) at $30. We may have over done it a tad bit cause we were starving, but that portion is usually good for 3-4 pax.

Apart from the portion size, you can also choose how you’d like the frog to be done, either stir fried with dried chilli or with spring onions. For chilli lovers, I’d suggest the former as it gives you that extra oomph.

On top of the pot of porridge that you get, I’d also suggest getting fried mantou (buns) as well! Dip in those fried buns & allow them to soak up the sauce that the frogs come in for that added flavour, and I can assure you that there’d be no regrets.


Besides coming here for the main star - the frog leg claypot porridge, I have a habit of ordering a plate of stirfried greens as well. Tried this “nai bai” with garlic chunks and sliced chilli padi on my last visit and found it pretty good but pricey at $15.


Every time i have craving for frog porridge, this is the first place i think of. Never fails to satisfy my tummy! 😋

G7 Sinma Claypot Frog ($22 for 5 frogs)

When having frog porridge craving, always think of Sinma. Conveniently available as they have quite a few branches, this is by far the tastiest and most value for money place serving very tasty frog porridge. I love to load my plain porridge with the gongbao black sauce. The black sauce is the thick viscous kind, signifying quality. I would recommend avoiding the geylang branch if you are just craving frog porridge as this branch is more tze char type restaurant and would set you back significantly with $3 side dishes of braised peanuts and crispy silver fish! Visit the chinatown or cheong chin nam branch instead!


[Geylang F7 Frong Leg porridge]
Tasted this bowl of Spring Onion Frog leg Porridge ($22)! Frogs are extremely tender and flavourful upon frying with the spring onion and ginger! Porridge was well cooked with a hint of sweetness and saltyness which are perfect with the gravy provided!
Located near kallang MRT (10 mins walk)! Really a great supper place for a heartwarming meal! Despite the long waiting time, its worth it!

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Ahh, when frog porridge beckons, there's little you can do but go out and get it! 🐸G7 Sinma is one of those places you know will leave you feeling like you've done right by your food cravings.

Always prefer their Kung Bao version over the Spring Onion one as the gravy is just soooo good mixed into that thick porridge. Silky smooth frog meat is a must and G7's rendition definitely ticks that box off.

I didn't know their Geylang branch was more of a full-on zi char spot too, so be prepared to fork out more for appetizers like braised peanuts and the like. If you don't need wet tissues, return them to cut $0.60 off your bill! 🤑


One of the better frog leg porridge I've eaten. The porridge was thick and smooth, and truthfully, if not for the frog leg gravy, which was spicy yet sweet at the same time, I might not have enjoyed the porridge on its own. I personally prefer porridge that are more watery. The frog leg were really really tender, bet everyone would have fun chewing everything right down to the bones 👍🏼


So, after the successful launch of the new Burpple app yesterday (please go download it at 😄), a few of us ended the evening with a 2-part dinner. We started with a hop over to "G7 Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant" for some frog leg porridge.
Served in a separate claypot from the frog legs, the porridge was the thick, smooth kind which to be frank, I'd have not liked on its own. However, with the gravy of the spicy frog legs poured on, it was a different story. Fragrant, spicy and with the tiniest hint of sweetness, I found myself slurping up the porridge with no hesitation. Loved how ridiculously tender and smooth of flesh the frog legs were as well.


Enjoyed the how the light and peppery porridge went with the savory sauce. The frog meat was tender and I had fun chewing every piece down to the bones. I'll come back again.


(Sorry guys 🐸). The reason to return everytime back to @g7sinma as they are very reasonable in their pricing (🐸🐸🐸+🐸🐸+🍚=$22!) I think I mention this before they allow you to have both flavours (gong bao+ginger onion) to be cooked with your 5 🐸! BEST THING EVER!


A far share for 3 pax. We ordered a buy 3 get 2 free + porridge and some drinks. Frog porridge was generally good and tasty!

Damage: $51


First time trying G7 Sinma frog porridge, we usually eat at Eminent, few lorongs away. Heard much from @xbluemint (how she usually only eats from Sinma - must be good!) and indeed, she's right!
What's special here is that you can have both flavours in one sitting. Usually I can only have the non-spicy one as I enjoyed slathering my porridge with the gravy. If you order the spicy one (公保), you will end up with super spicy porridge 🔥
The Gong Bao flavour was really good, super full of spice flavour 😋
Now, off to bed with a rather heavy food coma 😴


Group dinner with Philippines Team with his Japanese partners Keizo Muto, Carina Muto and his son Keiyo C. Muto, Kikoi Muto and friend. (Mon) Apr 18 to 23, 2016 (Sat) #G7sinma #chillicrabs #burpple #SaltedEggCrabs #bullfrogs
新马活海鲜餐馆 G7 Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant @ 163 Geylang Rd, s389240 off Lor 3 Tel: +65 6743 2203

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