From the Burpple community

If you can’t make up your mind to get their signature iced almond macadamia latte or fizzy hops tea, get the Business and Pleasure.

It comes with one half of a double espresso (The Business), and the other half is made into a single almond macadamia cappuccino, slightly sweetened, shaken and served neat in a chilled glass with a little bit of espresso dusted on top (The Pleasure). There’s a side of sparkling tea served together as well.

How you’re instructed to drink this is to start with the double espresso, before moving on to the cappuccino, while using the sparkling tea as a palate cleanser in between.

The espresso was what I really needed for a good kick to the head in the morning, and the cappuccino was a lovely way to take the bitter edge off a little. It was smooth, creamy, nutty, and everything I love in a comforting cuppuccino. I had to remind myself not to gulp this down so fast. The sparkling tea was refreshing and tasted almost like a cider.

Probably not a drink I would order on the regular (I’d rather go for the almond macadamia cappuccino because it’s so good!), but perfect for someone who just wants to try both of G&B’s specialties at one go. Very friendly and chill service crew too. You can just stand at the bar where they’ll take your order, make payment and enjoy your drink all in the same spot.

From G&B Coffee in Grand Central Market: the first stall you’ll come across in the market once you get off the Angel’s Flight and it’s a great way to start your foray into the marketplace. They have their signature almond macadamia milk which is made in-house. Apart from the drip coffees, they’re best known for their iced almond macadamia latte but we opted for a hot one for this. No sweetener added, but damn this was a good cup of coffee. Creamy and smooth, with nutty flavours thanks to the nut milks. We loved how this wasn’t too sour or bitter unlike many of the coffees we’ve had in the US so far. Definitely recommend stopping by G&B at GCM, and head to Eggslut before or after!