18 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238967

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01:00pm - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Here’s another double scoop ($8, + $1 per gourmet flavour / + $2 per alcoholic flavour) - this one features my favourite flavours at gelatolabo thus far. Caribbean rum with charred pineapple packs the heat of alcohol but I especially loved the bright burst of smokey sweetness! Their seasonal Spanish persimmon was also incredible - this one melted quite quickly but it had lots of fruit fibre and the most lovely honeyed sweetness.

Ordered a double scoop ($8, + $1 per gourmet flavour / + $2 per alcoholic flavour) of some of their signature flavours! The dark chocolate with orange peel was rich with a hint bitterness and tinged with citrus. The colombian cold brew was particularly impressive - a strong coffee flavour with a creamy mouth feel! Would be nice to have more cookie bits within.

GelatoLabo has grown ever since my very first visit when they had just opened at their Cavan Road location shortly after the nation has entered Phase Two of the post-Circuit Breaker period — now having two other outlets being the ones operating within Cloud’s collaborative spaces; one being housed together with Glass Roasters at Faber Drive, and the other one at Mohammed Sultan together with Glass Roasters, P Is For Pizza and Pleats.

I vaguely remember GelatoLabo for their inventive flavours, but also recalled how I was not quite impressed with certain flavours that they had to offer. That being said, I was more than impressed with what I have actually had this time round at their Mohamed Sultan premises — the Tokyo Mochi Waffle was an item that I had wanted to give a try previously at Cavan Road, but something I decided against considering the stomach space I had that day. Being an item that does require some skill for its execution, I was delighted to find how the waffle was so crisp and light, whilst the waffle encases a translucent layer of thin, chewy and stretchy mochi inside. Some may actually make a comparison between Brother Bird Bakehouse’s Mochi Donut and the Tokyo Mochi Waffle here — both being served as vehicles for the ice-cream served atop them; I do have a preference for the latter which I even find enjoyable for its lighter texture and thinner layer of Mochi that keeps it away from the jelak spectrum, not to mention how certain parts of the waffle does come tasting almost similar to the eggwash batter that some may pan-fry their Nian Gao with (or at least, my mum does).

The two flavours we decided to go for were the Prosecco Strawberry and Rose Jelly Gelato, and the Sakura Smoked Artichoke with Pear Compote Gelato; the former is a seasonal special that is created for Valentine’s Day, while the latter is one of the signature flavours of GelatoLabo. Between the two, the Prosecco Strawberry and Rose Jelly Gelato will be one for those who prefer more zingy ice-cream flavours over sweet and rich ones; the flavour isn’t particularly large on alcoholic notes, but does come with whiff of it as a beginning note — there after, the berries do pull off a sour-ish tang typical of strawberry with basil sorbets, while the nibs of rose jelly adds an interesting chew to the otherwise creamy ice-cream that was rather well-balanced and not overly milky. In comparison, the Sakura Smoked Artichoke with Pear Compote Gelato comes with the ever distinct hint of smokiness from the smoking liquid used in most “smoky” ice-cream flavours — something that most will either love or hate; the only difference in this variant is how it comes with swirls of pear compote that provides a mellow sweetness and a soft crunch that actually comes through some of that smokiness for a slightly sweet contrast for this creamier concoction.

It may have been only a short while since they had opened their doors at Cavan Road, but having tried their Mohammed Sultan outlet within Cloud, it seems that GelatoLabo has grown in the short span of time — the flavours of the gelato seems to have been more refined, and the waffles; they just seemed to have figured it out, and nailed it perfectly. That is also little wonder how GelatoLabo had gained such a popularity within such a short timeframe, with raving reviews for both its waffles and gelato on social media of the late. Would say that GelatoLabo is indeed a spot I would consider revisiting some other time for their other unique gelato flavours — but that Tokyo Mochi Waffle is certainly something I will develop cravings for!

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Since I couldn’t get enough of their mochi waffle after my visit to their branch at Faber Driver, I went over to their Mohamed Sultan Road outlet in the same week. This time I had their Bronte Pistachio & Pink Himalayan Salt ($6/ Single - Gourmet) and Colombian Cold Brew & Cookie Butter Bits ($5/ Single - Premium). For the former, the delicate roast-y flavour of pistachio and touch of saltiness was surprisingly complementary but perhaps I am still more used to having the nuttiness without the savoury element. For the latter, the lack of a strong coffee roast aroma and consistency being a tad icy was a bit of a letdown but the flavour did grow on me as I ate more and paired well with the warm crisp-chewy waffle.

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DO NOT ORDER THE KYOTO SHISO YUZU.... it's super bad 👎🏻 and the waffles in general were overpriced............. paid $15.90 for this boohoo not worth it
other than that.... the place is nice i guess

Gelatolabo recently opened their third outlet in a mixed use space, sharing it with a coffee joint and upcoming pizzeria! It’s a bustling place with lots of warmth from the staff.

The flavours I wanted to try were out of rotation, so I opted for a double scoop ($8, + $1 per gourmet flavour / + $2 per alcoholic flavour) of their best sellers - navel orange & white chrysanthemum and sakura smoked artichoke & pear. The floral flavour of the first is tinged with a mellow sweetness, giving it more depth than most other renditions. The other takes you by surprise - the woody aroma hits first, followed hints of savouriness and lastly ending with a briny honey. It has such a complex flavour profile that whilst unconventional, melds together perfectly. A very intriguing, innovative find - I look forward to trying more!