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From the Burpple community

From Suhaime’s
Authentic flavour & tasty gravy that stick to each strand of noodles.
Squeeze the lime, each mouthful is an enjoyment.
Highly recommended!

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Always noticed a long snaking everytime I come to geylang bahru for lunch.

Finally, a shorter queue has presented this opportunity for me to try.

Quite generous amount if meat was given and there's complimentary tau gei under the chicken as well.

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Read alot of good reviews on this place, almost every food blogger will recommend this stall when visiting GBMFC.

The BCM was a little disappointing though, it tasted a little bland. Generous with the amount of meat.

Maybe they having a off day today, will try again next time.

There must be a reason why this store have 1 of the longest queue during lunch time.

Being my first time to Geylang Bahru Food Centre, I decided to join the stall with the longest queue being the Singaporean in me. Cheok Kee Boneless Braised Duck (01-35) serves duck rice and porridge. A plate of duck rice sets you back $3, although you can also opt for a set meal if you’re sharing this with a friend.

We queued for half an hour on a weekend afternoon. Pictured here is the set meal for two ($11). It’s a relatively good deal given that there’s a good amount of duck meat and there’s duck gizzard included (if you eat them). Unfortunately, they don’t sell egg and tau kwa (firm beancurd).


Love how there’s so much meat even after it’s been deboned. Texture was decent but not the most tender I had. It could’ve been softer.

Gizzards were fresh and thoroughly cleaned. No funny smell or taste. I’m not someone who would order gizzards on its own though.


The braised sauce (lor) was fragrant with a unique herbal taste that can’t be found elsewhere. Consistency wise, it can get rather watery after awhile. I wished it retained its thickness throughout my meal.

I must say I like their chilli sauces. Make sure you get the tangy garlic chilli sauce which is mixed with vinegar and the sambal belachan. Some people enjoy mixing the two together.


Nothing spectacular. It was rather dry and clumpy. At least it wasn’t just white rice but brown rice that’s infused with soy sauce.

All in all, it’s fairly decent but not worth the half an hour queue.


Steamed delicacy, classic breakfast for some of the regulars.
Wallet friendly prices.


From Origin 草地人
Delightful soft soya beancurd x grass jelly dessert.