[CLOSED] Geylang Drip City

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * *Muslim-owned

184 Geylang Road
Singapore 389253

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From the Burpple community

Really liked those laid-back vibes at Geylang Drip City when I had visited them for the very first time — finally managed to drop by again and was pleasantly surprised with how they do carry slightly more items on their menu this time round; folks who wish to go for something savoury can now go for the “Lost in the Sauce” — essentially a grilled cheese sandwich served with tomato sauce, while there is also a Peaches and Cream Remix that comes with “frozen peachy cream” and “crunchy crumbles”.

The No Figgity is essentially a fig and candied orange cheesecake; whilst being a cheesecake, I found it particularly interesting how this rendition comes served more like a semifreddo — somewhat of a semi-frozen mousse form that made it especially appealing. The cheesecake itself is actually very light and smooth; rather mousse-like instead of the dense, New York Cheesecake-style cake that we were somewhat expecting it to be. Within that mousse comes nibs of figs and candied orange for some bite; the mousse is also tasted somewhat brighter with a wee bit of tang — the only thing that we thought could be better was the cookie crumble at the bottom. Whilst the base does provide the dessert with an interesting crunch, we found the texture to be a little too contrasting with the otherwise smooth cheesecake layer; just felt a little out of place and could be better if they opted for something softer. Really liked the dollop of cream that they have provided on the side however; it adds a slight sweetness with the same zippiness from the candied orange within the cheesecake itself — just provides for yet another dimension of flavours that cuts through that ever slight cheesiness going on with the cheesecake.

One thing I particularly enjoy about Geylang Drip City is the vibes — there is just this underground vibes going in there that pretty much makes up the character of their branding; the island counter where the espresso machine and filter coffee equipment are at in the middle of the space is particularly charming, and takes the centre stage of their operations. Despite that all of the strong indie vibes, one can easily see their passion for the craft and readiness to share more about the coffee that they serve. No doubt the food does seem to suggest that the menu caters to those whom are feeling peckish, but Geylang Drip City is the place to hit for the serious coffee lover who appreciates the details of what goes behind a great cuppa.

got the iced latte and its a super huge ass cup i cldnt finish drinking it bcus the cold AC + sipping on this made me need to pee pee

New coffee spot in the east serving artisanal drip coffee.

Drip coffee (Ethiopian Blend)
Iced Mocha

Grilled cheese sandwich
Avocado toast

Highly recommended.

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My morning transcended from great to awesome with this tasting flight.

What a marvelous combination of good beans, skilled preparation, hippy place and hearty interaction.

Pop in, enjoy a cuppa as friendly Bob and team chat with you and share about the coffees and the well-thought-through space.

Personally really enjoyed the coffee here. Well balanced. The mocha was really chocolaty - my partner declared it was the best Mocha ever. The secret? Specially sourced Peruvian Drinking Chocolate.

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Simple and good: creamy scrambled eggs with buttered sourdough.

Goes well with their yummy coffee