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From the Burpple community

At half the price of usual mango sticky rice, nothing to complain about this.

From a no-name stall selling Hong Kong-style ccf and porridge. Helmed by an elderly man, it looked very old-school. What's most unusual was the sauce, which consisted of sesame oil, more common for local plain ccf. Although the skin was thicker than preferred, respect for making it fresh upon order.

Finally got the chance (3rd in queue) to get this for lunch because the queue here is usually long (est 30mins) during peak hours. This shop is ran by a old couple where only the uncle cooks while the aunty takes order from customers.

We ordered a bowl of sliced fish soup each and shared a plate of braised duck. Dayum! The fishes were fresh & succulent and the braised duck was done perfectly - fragrant, soft, tender and flavourful! 🤤 They also serves braised duck tongue only on Wednesdays.

📍Ng Soon Kee Fish and Duck Porridge | #01-11


From Soon Soon #01-54, fried dough fritters 3 pieces for $2.
Fluffy, fragrant every chew.
Chose white sesame green bean fillings, black sesame red bean fillings and ‘butterfly’ slightly sweet after taste.
Asian doughnuts.

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From stall named 粥 in bold red colour.
Traditional handmade Chee Cheong Fun (Rice rolls) from watery rice batter, freshly made upon order.
The stall offered a lot of ingredients to add into the Chee Cheong Fun.

Chosen Fresh Prawn and CharSiew, both priced $2.50, drenched with light soy sauce, enjoyed it with a buddy of course.



From Soon Soon #01-54, fried HCB 3 for $2, chose the black sesame red bean, white sesame green bean & plain salted.
Simple and traditional deep fried dough fritters or Asian doughnuts.

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