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Nasi Padang and more at #02-147, we gave this Nasi Rawon a try. Comes with an assortment of ingredients, I really liked the soft, baby cuttlefish and the spicy sambal belachan. The black beef gravy that gets poured all over was also nice and luscious, making it a very satisfying meal.


Served piping hot, this plate was a real delight. Enjoyed the cuttlefish and begedil a lot!

#02-147 Shaliza Kitchen

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From Warung Yes Boss
Delightful plate of roti kirai $3.50 only.

Refreshing cup of Katira Power $1.50 nearby.

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From Alrahman Kitchen.

Taste as good as it looked!
Decent bowl of Mee Rebus $3 only.
Satisfying indeed.
Kopi $1 nearby.

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Went on a weekday late afternoon (5pm) and there wasn't many stalls opened by then. Ordered nasi pasang from two stalls

Top: $5.50 for 4 veg (from the famous nasi padang stall)

Below: $7 for rendang beef and 2 begedils (from the stall at the last row with neon red sign)


The sauce leaned toward the sweeter side of things and was of a pleasantly smooth consistency. Topped with cubes of fried tofu, green chilli, shallots and a hardboiled egg, the overall taste was squarely average but still satisfying nonetheless. I also added a begedil for 50 cents to sop up some of the gravy with.

Alrahman Kitchen | 1 Geylang Serai, #02-139 Geylang Serai Food Centre

Taste: 3/5