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From the Burpple community

From Warung Yes Boss
Delightful plate of roti kirai $3.50 only.

Refreshing cup of Katira Power $1.50 nearby.

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From Alrahman Kitchen.

Taste as good as it looked!
Decent bowl of Mee Rebus $3 only.
Satisfying indeed.
Kopi $1 nearby.

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Went on a weekday late afternoon (5pm) and there wasn't many stalls opened by then. Ordered nasi pasang from two stalls

Top: $5.50 for 4 veg (from the famous nasi padang stall)

Below: $7 for rendang beef and 2 begedils (from the stall at the last row with neon red sign)

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The sauce leaned toward the sweeter side of things and was of a pleasantly smooth consistency. Topped with cubes of fried tofu, green chilli, shallots and a hardboiled egg, the overall taste was squarely average but still satisfying nonetheless. I also added a begedil for 50 cents to sop up some of the gravy with.

Alrahman Kitchen | 1 Geylang Serai, #02-139 Geylang Serai Food Centre

Taste: 3/5


I was drawn by the long Q and boxes of takeaways were carried out from the counter. They offered a wide variety of kueh and sold in their trays. The kueh weren't in the perfect shape but smell pretty good. .
Firm glutinous rice base with fragrance pandan custard. Not too moisture which just nice my liking. .
Kueh Talam Asli
🏠: Geylang Serai Market #02-148


In that black "buah keluak" gravy drenching the rice are pieces of cow tongue which are decidedly chewy. Those black holey slices on the left of the plate are cow lungs, also known as "paru", which have a spongey texture. Understandably, this is the stuff of nightmares for some. But I lurrrrrvvve Nasi Rawon! A classic from Surabaya, East Java, it comes as a standard set with aforesaid cow organs, sambal cuttlefish, a small "begedil" (seasoned mashed potato ball), "tempeh" (fermented soya bean patty), "sambal belachan" and "serundeng" (dry-fried grated coconut). This came from "Sajisi Tradisi" located at unit #02-117 inside the Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre but you can easily find Nasi Rawon at quite a number of stalls.