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From the Burpple community

As always. Wetter this time though, so that's a plus.

It's Thai iced tea with gula melaka at the bottom. You certainly can imagine it.

Very nice. Good pastry, sweet sweet sweet flavour. Like most things at Ramadan Bazaar, the filling was kinda stingy. The main problem was eating it. It looks dirty on the hands, but disposable cutlery doesn't work on the hard pastry. It's very much for sitting down in a cafe.

Had this at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar before it ended and omg I've gotta say that for a food sold at a festival, it totally exceeded my expectations! 💯 .

Initially thought that this could be a gimmicky concept à la some of the other food being sold at the bazaar but wow, this Cookie Monster ($5.50) cheesecake was really rich and creamy, and @themunchmunchco didn't scrimp at all on the dark chocolate drizzle 🍫 and the crushed Oreos! Though you can't see it in this photo, the cheesecake also had a crumbly base which went so well with the soft, cheesy cake 😋 .

And having the cheesecake on a stick actually made it much easier for us to eat it - though we still needed to use a fork to scoop up all the crushed Oreo pieces (and there were many!) around the base of the cheesecake!

Definitely gonna be looking out for their stall at future food festivals and events! 🙌 My next target - their Speculoos and Hazelnut Crunch flavours!!! ❤

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Ordered the All-In which comes with a mix of chicken, beef, and seafood. You can choose a salted egg or ma la base, or a mixture of both, and the spiciness level you prefer. We went for level 2 as one in our group doesn’t take much spicy food.

This was bland. I couldn’t taste the salted egg nor the ma la in the first half of the dish. It was only until we reached the ingredients that had been marinating in the sauce all this while that a hint of the salted egg flavour emerged. The meats retained some spiciness, but no numbingness at all. Perhaps the only draw to this MLXG is their salted egg sauce (which wasn’t outstanding), and that it’s halal. Though we didn’t have to queue for this, I would not get it again. Stick to the permanent MLXG stalls for more consistent ma la.

From Katoshka which has booths in both sections of Geylang Serai Bazaar:

I saw a queue at Katoshka’s booths every time I visited this year except for when they were out of fries. Waited for about 15 minutes to order, but we were quickly served a cup of hot fries drenched in their special cheese sauce. Although there are other sauces and even chicken cutlet available on the menu, this seems to be the only dish that everyone orders and I can see why. The fries are awesome. They’re crispy on the outside and well-seasoned. I love the cheese sauce here as well, which is creamy but not too thick. It’s also cheesy, but never gets jelak because there’s a slight sour aftertaste that isn’t unpleasant. In fact, you just want more of it after each bite. I probably wouldn’t queue more than 10 minutes for a second taste of this, but it’s definitely worth a try at least because those are some damn good fries.