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From the Burpple community

When at a pasar malam, you gotta get something sweet. @charkoisg checks that box, plus it’s pretty darn unique. Conventional wisdom has led to people stuffing fish paste into you tiaos, or dipping you tiaos into congee or coffee. Unconventional wisdom, on the other hand, leads to slathering you tiaos in Nutella, Milo and Biscoff Caramel.⠀

I ain’t gonna lie, the pretty colours on the Nutella Marshmallow ($4.50 a stick, $12 for three) was what drew me in, but I stayed for the sweet, guilty pleasure it brought. Come on now, it’s a stick of deep fried dough covered in Nutella, rainbow sprinkles & mini marshmallows. It was always gonna be an enjoyable sweet treat. ⠀

However, what was remarkable for me was the unexpected excellence of the dough fritter. Despite being left out in the open, it wasn’t stale, and it didn’t reek of oil. Additionally, it wasn’t overly greasy, and you only start to feel the oiliness creeping up on you at the final couple of bites. Rather remarkable, if I do say so myself. ⠀

Was it wise to spend $4.50 on a fried dough fritter coated in Nutella, marshmallows & sprinkles? Probably not. Did I enjoy it? Definitely yes.


The Ramadan pasar malam at Geylang Serai has gotten pretty bougie this year, and nothing says bougie like a lobster roll. Yes, you can order a lobster roll in a night market now, you’re not hallucinating. @houseoflobstersg have five varieties of lobster rolls for you to select, from the standard one to an exotic sounding Samyang lobster roll. I went for the Flaming Lobster Roll, priced at eighteen bucks flat.⠀

Contrary to expectations, the Flaming Lobster Roll was completely bereft of spice, and instead features lobster chunks blanketed in torched, melted mozzarella cheese. The lobster bits are tossed & seasoned in a savoury mayonnaise mix, flavouring the slightly sweet & briny crustacean with salt & smooth creaminess. The lobster appeared to be suitably fresh, with a decently firm texture.⠀

As you might’ve already anticipated, there isn’t all that much lobster considering that this roll is eighteen bucks. There’s a bit more lobster tucked into the middle of beautifully browned & more than amply buttered roll, believe me, and the amount of lobster per serving is best summed up as adequate. Then again, a lobster roll will set you back by at least thirty dollars elsewhere, so having a decent one for eighteen is already a bargain all thing considered. ⠀

Come to think of it, I might go for the Samyang the next time, or possibly even the Napoletana. Honestly, it’s quite a feat to get a decent lobster roll at a bazaar for under twenty dollar, so compliments to House of Lobster are definitely in order.


At the Geylang Serai Ramadan pasar malam, it’s a tale of two dogs. Sure, there’s a couple more hotdog hawkers than just @meatmymeat &, but those two are directly staring each other down across the aisle, so they’re getting a faceoff here.⠀

Kream’s Tokyo Dog ($7) was a much simpler but no less messy hotdog. The Tokyo Dog is the result of some (probably drunk or high) madlad who decided to take the toppings & sauces from takoyaki and slap it onto a hotdog instead. So what you get is the same sweet, salty & tangy takoyaki sauce, the richness of mayonnaise and the intense sapidity of the bonito flakes are paired with the meaty snap of a big hotdog. Despite this combo coming outta left field, it works astoundingly well, possibly due to hotdogs being easy to marry to anything by nature.⠀

Despite the Tokyo Dog being less impressive than the Buffalo Cheesesteak Hotdog on paper, I have to declare the Tokyo Dog as the victor. And that’s all down to the fact that actually cares about their food, and they actually bothered to sear their hotdogs for maximal deliciousness. Effort always matters, folks.

17 Mar - 22 Apr
MRT 🚇 : Paya Lebar (EW8) East West Line/ (CC9) Circle Line

Chilli Crab Praffle (S$15.90)
Can upgrade to egg praffle at additional of S$1
Addon S$6 to make it a meal with a drink and fries
Imagine having your usual roti prata made into a waffle.
Topped with deep fried soft shell crab and chilli crab sauce. Easier to eat like a wrap ‘cos only got a fork. Kind of difficult to cut through.

Praffles X Farah Lola
Booth No. A146
Note 📝 : Stall in main tentage behind Wisma Geylang, facing carpark along Engku Aman Road

17 Mar - 22 Apr
MRT 🚇 : Paya Lebar (EW8) East West Line/ (CC9) Circle Line

Mutton Satay Goreng (S$12)
Pan fried satay
Surprisingly it tasted not bad. Quite tender.

Satay Ummi By Lydia Izzati
Booth No. A188
Note 📝 : Stall in main tentage behind Wisma Geylang

17 Mar - 22 Apr
MRT 🚇 : Paya Lebar (EW8) East West Line/ (CC9) Circle Line

Satay Kambing Lemang (S$10/ half roll)
Thought it would taste similar to Lemper ayam, but I’m so wrong. The taste started very gamey ‘cos of the mutton, and ended with a rather sourness coconut taste. Was wondering if it had gone bad. Very bad combination.

Lemang Pak Suka by The Shakehouse
Booth No. A168
Note 📝 : Stall in main tentage behind Wisma Geylang