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Reviews at Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre

Reviews of good food at Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre

Long queue during the lunch hour on a weekday. But still worth queuing! Can really see the uncle's effort in frying each plate! Love that the mee is moist in thick prawn stock gravy and silky fried eggs charred to perfection.


Good golly Ghim Moh Market is always so crowded! Didn't feel like queueing for forever, so I went to Big Prawn Mee 大虾面 (#01-12), in an extreme corner of the market, that had a queue of 2. The young lad at the stall was cheerful & smiley - he also speaks good English (he was serving a elderly man in front of me who spoke English). He was even so kind as to help the elderly man bring his bowl to a nearby table.

The Prawn Mee 虾面 ($4) itself - I liked the flavourful (on the sweet side) soup but I wish they gave more soup! In no time, my noodles soaked up the soup, leaving me with not much to drink 😔

There were 3 regular prawns, a slice of "abalone", 2 small pork ribs & some veggies in this bowl. I don't care much for pork ribs - the next time I order from this stall, maybe I'll ask if I can swap them out for more prawns? 😂 Or maybe I'll get the Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 ($6/$8/$10) which costs more, but has juicier prawns.

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Well marinated and juicy fried chicken!! With caramelised onions, generous slices of tomatoes and lettuce and lots of different sauces added. Add $1 for fries.

Not sure of the stall number and name, but it's the only stall that sells burgers with a chalkboard menu :)


Along with yummy soft tofu, braised peanut, and a hearty herbal soup, their duck rice deserves a thumbs up 👍🏼. Can’t find a single flaw and enjoyed it to my heart’s content.
⚠️ Expect a queue at this famous stall. There were 16 people in front of me which took a surprisingly ‘fast’ 30mins. The stall is closed every Thursday & last Sunday of each month.
📍Chuan Kee boneless braised duck, #01-04, Ghim Moh Market, 20 Ghim Moh Road

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Decided to give it a try when we saw it came in a relatively small portion (so we could get other food as well) and I have to say, not too bad a bowl! 🙌🏼 Initially disappointed that the broth lacked much spice, but after I paired it with the chilli, the spice really exploded in my mouth and elevated it's taste! A good choice if you're craving laksa but don't want to go overboard! 🙈 So glad that we decided to go all the way down to Ghim Moh for a new hawker experience 😋

Getting something light and traditional for lunch - Teo chew Porridge with always juicy and chunky meat ball, bean curd with leek, braised meat, and fried egg for S$5.50. Spicy it up with its tangy chilli sauce.
Meng Cheong Teochew Food Stall 明昌潮州飯攤
Address 🏠 : Blk 20 Gim Moh Road, # 01-47 Gim Moh Market and Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 270 020
Open 💈 : 12pm - 3pm
MRT 🚇 : Buona Vista (EW21/ CC22)


Selling only 2 types of congee and chee cheong fun, Teck Hin Delicacies opens even before the sun rises (I ate there at 5.30am before while waiting for my first bus!). The silky smooth congee, though not the best in Singapore, is among the good ones around. No-frill economical breakfast at its best!

I heard this Thosai stall was quite good, so I decided to try. I think I'd prefer it to be slightly more crisp? But then again I'm a noob at Indian cuisine so... 😂 Anyone with knowledge about this please advise hahaha 😆

Fish soup ($5) from 鸿升鱼汤 is delicious! Fish slices are fresh (no fishy smell) & the soup is so good that the whole bowl was empty by the time I finished.


Chuen Kee at Ghim Moh food center checks off all the right boxes. Thick flavorful gravy, superb duck and yam rice that I can eat buckets of. Even the soup is not an afterthought with its deep herbal flavor.

The queues might be long but trust me, it's worth it

Makes me happy seeing the aunties and uncles lim kopi and chat with their friends, young families and the kids eating you tiao and soya bean milk, the prata uncle flipping the dough etc etc etc.

Happy midweek friends! 😊 Just a few more days before we get a (very) short break again!

The ratio of egg, carrot cake, chye por is perfect! So so tasty, i finished it within minutes!
This stall also serve black and you can get both from $4 onwards. Will be back to try the 黑白 next time!
Just 2 stores down there is Alexandra Avocado Juice as well, I grabbed one before queuing to combat the hot weather 🤣

There's something really comforting about steamed rice and duck slathered in that sticky sweet sauce.
The good men at Chuen Kee at Ghim Moh market don't disappoint. This duck rice set ($5) comes with tau kwa, eggs and duck. The duck was well cooked, soft but not too gamey. I really also enjoyed their soup, deliciously flavoured with Chinese herbs. A far cry from most places where soup is generally an afterthought. There's usually a long line during lunch so try and visit during off peak hours.
They're open everyday except Thursday and Sunday.

In the center lane of Ghim Moh Hawker, next to the fabled char kway teow lies the humble $2 Laksa.
At 63 Laksa, you get the the familiar cut up bite sized rice noodles, creamy coconut based curry which was mildly spicy, fishcake and surprisingly, cockles all in a small bowl.
In essence this was Katong’s little sister. Similar attributes but not quite there yet. It was light but comforting, familiar but you know its not the same. However, this didn’t stop me from buying and enjoying it tremendously. However, as I looked at all the familiar ceramic empty bowls surrounding me, I figured i’m not the only one that reached that conclusion.

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Braving the lines leads to a fine plate of exquisitely meats roasted with years of experience behind it.
The duck, while obviously not of Hong Kong Michelin standard is still pretty damn good. Fatty, tender and full of gamey flavour.
Sheets of fat separated the salty meat evenly while its crackling skin gave the roast pork a satisfying crunch. And the charsiew while thinly sliced was silky and sweet. For 15 dollars, happiness really can be bought.

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