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Their braised beef noodles ($6) are hands down my favourite version! The soup is clear and light. Kway teow pairs perfectly with the savoury soup with hints of sweetness and tang. The highlight of the meal, though, is the braised beef - perfectly tender with a nice rounded flavour!

Portion ($4) is really substantial! The carrot cake was nice and chewy, with a just the right amount of spice. Didn’t appreciate the pieces of hei bi inside though!

Of late , I have this insatiable craving for carrot cake and it’s been a week and I finally got my share of carrot cake .

I am beginning to appreciate this homemade carrot cake which has a more chunky texture and a firmer bite. Not the usual soft carrot cake with cripsy sides but this was actually very good .

I wished they would have cooked the carrot cake with the chilli inside of just serving it on the side .

I like the savoury note of this carrot cake complemented with the part sweet and part savoury homemade chilli sauce .

Stuffed with lots of Chye Poh and a generous use of eggs .

The queue can be Long but it moves fast .

Was never a fan of Hor Fun. Thankful for my friend‘s determined attempts in making me try.

Such a huge portion for $5. This Hor Fun did not lack in meat, noodles and most importantly, the Wok-Hei flavours. Slightly prefer the beef over fish, prawn option is available as well though I didn’t try.

They are tentatively operating in the afternoon only.

Beef Hor Fun $5

#01-56 Hin Fried Hor Fun With Prawn. Beef. Sliced Fish
10am ~ 3pm

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The first thing to note is that the portion is super huge. The soup is nicely thick and consistent and they use real hor fun. The beef is also tender and well-cooked.

Had it at home so it may not taste as hot and fresh as if you have it on site. They are generous with the radish and overall portion is good too, however it felt a bit underseasoned and the chili isn't as strong as how I prefer it to be, to the point the dish feels a bit jelak. However there are good reviews about them so this stall certainly has its own fans. Maybe I should have ordered the black instead as it has great reviews.