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From the Burpple community

Probably a close contender of my favourite porridge store in Maxwell! The porridge ($3) is simmered long to give a smooth texture, but I like that the individual grains can still be felt. Major plus points that this is a very clean bowl overall - none of the usual MSG junk that leaves you super thirsty! They use sesame oil to elevate the flavour, and I personally like adding an egg (+ $0.50). The best part of it is their hand rolled meat balls, which are made from lean minced meat (no fat or cartilage included at all!!) and lightly seasoned to give a really satisfying bite!! 👍🏼🌟

Always face decision paralysis at Ghim Moh because there is so much to choose from, but this is a family favourite :-) firmer than most other places, the chwee kueh ($0.50/pc, min $2) gives a good bite! Aunty is not very generous with with her cai poh but what she lacks in quantity, she more than makes up for with quality. The pickled vegetables pack a punch, and is complemented by the chilli.

Curry rice ($3.40)

Ordered tomato eggs, braised brinjal and pork chop. Curry with the rice tastes good, loved the veg as well. The pork chop was lacklustre though, thin and not real meat in the middle, tasted like some paste. Will order other meat dishes in future.

Favorite redbean pancake!! Love the thick and rich redbean paste that is not overly sweet with that soft but chewy pancake dough. A little stingy with the filling today but it’s still the best I’ve ever had!!! 😋😋😋


They have beef shank & mixed beef in dry or soup version. Very tasty & very different from the local beef noodles.
Price range from $5 onward, value for money. Worth to try, will definitely come back again

Located at 20 Ghim Moh Rd, unit 01-04 Singapore 270020. .
$4 Set Meal that comes with egg, beancurd and peanuts. Back here to have the best braised duck rice! Been missing it and craving for the longest time.. Everything on this plate was so good, those generous portion of braised duck meat were so tender, braised rice were flavourful, so shiok when eat with their gravy and chilli!! Definitely worth the long waiting que! .
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