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From the Burpple community

The portion was super stingy and the laksa gravy was neither rich nor fragrant. A very flat, thin soup with a skimpy smattering of noodles and beansprouts. It's a boo from me.

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First time eating there. It was crowded even past lunchtime (2pm). The rice was fragrant and the chicken was tender and flavourful. The only shortcoming was the soup, which was incredibly salty.

Price: $3.50

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Chanced upon this popup stall just outside of Giant. It is selling MSW ice cream - $12/pint or $3.50/cup. Frankly speaking, I can't differentiate the different grades/types of durians so I don't know if it really tasted like MSW. But it sure has an acceptable durian taste. My mum who is very picky about food said it can't be MSW if it's only $3.50. But personally I think it's worth trying and I may buy it again when I have a crave.

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Such comfort food at 10am!
Just $3.80... and very filling !
Queue expected :)

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Out of the two, I prefer the laksa chip!! Team laksa! The chicken rice chip was quite weird as the ginger taste was just too over powering, and it was quite salty. it isn't cheap at $2.90 a pack though. Even the nissin tomyum chips are cheaper.. #chickenricechips #laksachips #potatochips #burpple #burpplesg

Strong coconut aroma, chips texture was good!