Gills N Shells is the perfect spot for both locals and visitors alike, to enjoy a cozy meal with its friendly modern ambiance. Inspired by the ocean, the menu features our Chef’s Daily Catch of freshest seafood, lobster and oysters.

500 Jalan Sultan
#01-19 Hotel Boss
Singapore 199020

03:00pm - 01:00am

03:00pm - 01:00am

03:00pm - 01:00am

03:00pm - 01:00am

03:00pm - 01:00am

03:00pm - 01:00am

03:00pm - 01:00am



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Reviews at Gills N Shells

Reviews of good food at Gills N Shells

Here you can customize your pasta by choosing from six sauces and 13 ingredients. With the exception of the Maine lobster as an ingredient (supplement of $18, totaling $33, and please don't order the lobster), everything customization costs only $15.
The available sauces also include hae bee hiam, aglio olio style, tomato, satay sauce and cream sauce, while you may choose the ingredients from steak cubes, cod, mussels, soft shell crab, with additonal $5 per addition ingredient. There are many dishes here that I won't recommend, but this is one that is pretty good for its price.
Taken during a tasting.

While the refreshing lettuce and tomato add a crunch in every bite. .
Thanks @qinlovesmacaronsss for the invitation. .
Man Tou Teriyaki Chicken Slider at S$8 .
Where to dine?
Gills N Shells
Hotel Boss, 500 Jalan Sultan, #01-19 Singapore 199020

Cheers to the great weekend! May yours be a magical one for you and your family too. What would you be doing tomorrow?
Pictured: Corona x Tequila x Triple Sec with lime juice at Gills n Shells. I took this photo during a tasting.

These bar bites are actually very tasty, and I can imagine it'll go well with beer. The salmon skin was amazing crispy, and remains crispy at the end of our meal after 2 hours. It came with powdered seasoning but feel free to dip into those wasabi mayo as well.
This is taken during a tasting.

I am a big fan of gills and shells. They offer really really good food and I enjoyed the salted egg pasta with tiger prawns. It's heavenly. The taste is flavourful, the salted egg well mixed into the pasta. The portion is just right and the flavours are so aromatic, you get satisfaction once the food reaches your stomach. Awesome stuff!

The meat was very tender and succulent. ❣️I love this chef's bold creation of infusing truffle oil in the dish and also the adding of preserved radish to bring up more flavour! Weird combination yet it's delicious. ❣️Gills N Shells is conveniently situated at Level 1 of Hotel Boss. You could take mrt to EW11 Lavender Mrt station and Hotel Boss is just right at the station exit.
📍 Gills N Shells
500 Jalan Sultan
Hotel Boss
Unit 01-19
Singapore 199020
Tel: 64932238 / 90626759
Opens daily 3pm - 1am

Sheltered and with air con, @gillsnshells is a real cosy place to hang out after a stressful day at work. 🐟
A thick cut of salmon sandwiched between burger buns and served with fries that weren't salty! Yay!
Thank you @eatwithroy and @gillsnshells for the invite !

Essentially a union between tender, chicken-esque frog leg and the fried, sticky sweetness of Korean fried chicken skin on a spicy fried carrot cake-esque playground. 3.9/5
This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Gills N Shells.

The chewily absorbent clams and mussels wore the herby, thick and fragrant broth like a thymey pizza-esque perfume. 3.7/5
This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Gills N Shells.

The hae bee hiam, while seductively fragranced and giving the pasta additional shrimpy bite, may have been too self-conscious about plying too much salt on itself and being gossiped about as being a salty minx. Elsewhere, the crispy soft shell crab had a KFC-esque ruthlessly efficient pleasure provision efficiency. Very promising. 3.7/5
This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Gills N Shells.

Hae Bee Hiam Pasta with Soft Shell Crab - which is coated with fiery hae bee hiam which brings more depth of flavour and topped with soft shell crab.

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Gills N Shells, nested within Hotel Boss but facing Rocher Canel so not many know of its existence yet. You'll get to enjoy the evening breeze at the alfresco dining area or if it's too warm there are seats indoor.

Oysters lovers will be happy to know they have a choice of fresh oysters (from $8.90 for 2 oysters) or baked oysters ($25.90) here. And who knows Happy Hours start so early! Starting from 3pm to 8pm, now you know where to go for pre-dinner drinks~

Buffalo Wings? Eh sorry, it's actually Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs. WHAT?! It pretty much blow us away since this delicacy is not commonly found in restaurants. And though it's more of an Asian dish, frog legs goes surprisingly well with spicy buffalo sauce.

Succulent cod pan seared n baked with touch of local favour. Prepared to perfection.

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