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From the Burpple community

Chosen braised egg, tender soft pork belly and stir fried green cabbages.
Wallet friendly.

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From Ru Lai Vegetarian Food, chose creamy curry vegetables, stirred fry golden pumpkin, sliced gourd and more green vegetables.

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This coffeeshop is known for the coin prata but its other treasures include this toasted French loaf with kaya and butter and the chicken rice stall run by a young couple. I looooove this toast - the crusty exterior yields easily to fluffy and soft bread slathered with just the right amount of butter and kaya. The French loaves are not always available - they are delivered in the mid to late morning I believe. And bring tissue - butter dripping onto your hands is almost a sure thing.


rainy weather need comfort food. i always go for a small cup. the kopi is always said to be more fragrant! gim huat also house the very good ann chin popiahs and famous coin prata. be prepared to queue though for the latter though


Gotta try the toasted French loaf and steamed bread with kaya butter if you are at Sin Ming. It's yummy!


If you like fluffy and yet crispy Prata, this is the place to go.